Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Anantvir - When you get famous and sell-out.

In recent days, social media has been rife with photos and videos from the wedding of Jagmeet Singh of Canada, an MP who got married in Cancun, Mexico where Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was taken to a hotel for the Anand Karaj, immediately followed by an all-out party featuring bhangra. Whilst Jazzy B was the party singer, Anantvir was the religious Jazzy B - there for a free holiday, to make a stash of cash and share some pictures with the candidate for a bit of fame and "pamp". Anantvir not only did Kirtan, but also sang some songs himself (a video of which he shared on social media but deleted soon after a backlash from Gursikhs). The debate of whether it's right or wrong to take Guru Sahib to hotels for purpose of Anand Karaj is hot topic once again but Anantvir directly has gone against not only a request by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa to not take Maharaj to hotels for your own convenience - but also has gone against a sandesh by the Akaal Takht to not do so. This is the same Anantvir who travels around the world attending AKJ smagams using filmy tunes to gain some popularity. This individual should not be allowed on stages until he apologizes and goes pesh.

Link to Sant Ji speech : https://www.facebook.com/100010853130071/videos/535014576870309/

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Kamalroop - Singh in Bana Cheats On Wife

If you haven't come across so-called "nihang" and rightfully-called "nang" Kamalroop Singh, you would rightfully think that this Singh, who apparently achieved a PhD on the subject of Dasam Granth, is a stand-up Gursikh. He stands tall, with a long beard, wears a Bana (the dress of a Gursikh), with his dumaalaa and a "farla", which is status given to Singhs by real "Nihang" Singhs in recognition of their jeevan. For years, Kamalroop has been very active on social media, featured on SikhNet (not that that means anything nowadays anyway), has his own blog and tries to discredit the work of real Gursikhs like Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid and many others. He also is member of The Blue Lions. His thirst for popularity doesn't come without opposition. A petition was started by Singhs calling on Jathedars of Buddha Dal to revoke the 'Farla' of Kamalroop and take back this honor that was given to him. They refused.

This idiot thinks he is unstoppable because gullible and ignorant fools fall for his bullshit and he thinks he can do whatever he wants. He can't. Make it known around the world that this is not acceptable. This video below, taken in mid-December of 2017, shows nang Kamalroop engaging in kissing a woman he met in a bar, even though he is married with a wife at home. Not only was he seen drinking alcohol at a bar in Gurus bana, something the "nang" sect think it's ok to do, he's also cheating on his wife and even if he was unmarried, this is not ok for an Amrit Dhaari Gursikh - something he so claims to be.

Kamalroop and wife Raj Kaur

Kamalroop and wife Raj Kaur

Wake up my brothers and sisters, there will be more of this to come if we let these dushts carry on the way they are and polluting the mind of our youth and new generations to come. I feel sorry for the mother who gave birth to such a kanjar.

UPDATE: Statement from Kamalroop from his Facebook account below. As expected, some lame excuse to try and excuse his behavior. Do you believe him?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trashy Bibiyan: Bibi Bhinderpal Kaur caught having an affair.

Our original post was removed thanks to this order by "Taranjot Singh". She was caught fucking her tabla player. She is a well known Kirtani around the world and a public figure. AKJ is trying to cover this up by taking this to the courts but you should all know this latest issue with AKJ UK cult.

Also, this notice cannot be classified as "served" as appellant information has been redacted - it is also fake! But funny nevertheless at the extents AKJ will go to to protect their own.

Here is a link to another blog which has also information about the trashy bibi.


Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Trashy Bibiyan: Bibi Bhinderpal Kaur AKJ

Incase you hadn't heard, theres been a lot of talk about the recent "ban" by AKJ UK of Bibi Bhinderpal Kaur. This granny was caught having an affair with her young tabla player, Harmandir Singh, from London.

Of course, as AKJ like to do, they kept this one under wraps however most AKJ followers are aware of the issue and that she accepted the ban - which is why you won't (or shouldn't) see her on stages anymore. It's not really ok to ban people from doing Kirtan - of course, Kirtan is supposed to help us in our journey of life and reaching enlightenment. It's the light in the dark age we live in. But when it comes to stages, nowadays people quickly become "fans" and followers of anyone who can do good Kirtan and those individuals then have a responsibility to the sangat when it comes to their own jeevan and being good role models. We can understand some of the youth getting entrapped in affairs and following the fire in their loins, but this is a bit of a shocking one - and an affair with a young guy old enough to be her son?! I guess they just had one bear-hug too many...

Bibi Bhinderpal Kaur 

Bibi Bhinderpal Kaur at Manchester Smagam

Monday, May 01, 2017

Trashy Bibiyan: Pam Kaur, Wolverhampton

Pam "Pamm" Kaur, from Wolverhampton, is another one of those trashy girls who thinks it's ok to wear a Dastaar on your head and prance around in cars with gangsta-wannabe boys and call yourself a Sikh. No Sikh of the Guru is perfect - but at least many try and are on the right path. These vlogging idiots go around telling you it's ok to be a Sikh, dance (even though that isn't the biggest issue here), wear loads of make-up, wax, thread, and drink. They are loud and proud about who they (think) they are, so we are loud and proud in putting this post up to warn you - don't get thinking that these idiots are by any chance "cool" or the "norm". This is not Sikhi. A Sikh wears the Dastaar as a crown and the basics of doing so is not putting on make-up, jewelry and threading your eye-brows. A Gursikh is proud of their appearance, respectful of their Crown and live with izzat because they see themselves as daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Jee. Pam Kaur (once featured on a Immortal Productions album) her brother, "Gurjant Singh" and her "friends" all feature on a crappy vlog (which I will not post on this blog because that is what they want for some attention) run by a kid from Wolves who just needs a bit of attention and hopes to hit it big-time because they're all a bunch of talentless idiots.

You gave your response to the real Singhs and Singhnia who called you out - well, here is theirs.

To the real Singhnia out there - thank you for keeping it real. 

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Harnaam Kaur Is Not Sikh

Eurgh. That's the first word that comes into mind when I think of Harnaam Kaur who was recently featured as a cat-walk model. Not because of the way she looks or that she has so much facial hair. Actually, I used to quite admire Harnaam Kaur, seeing her at various programs and stuff whilst I was growing up. I know a lot of Gursikhs who also admired her because it seemed she was confident and proud of her excessive body hair. But something, somewhere has gone horribly wrong. Now, I am just disgusted when I see her on Instagram and various social networks - because she is a hypocrite and a sell out using Sikhi to gain herself some fame.

So why am I saying this? She does so many things that are against the Sikh religion and Rehat Maryadha (Code of Conduct) that I laugh when I hear or see people commenting that she's such a great Singhni. Firstly, she tattoos her body (yes, it is against Sikhi), she pierces her body (yes, this is against Rehat) and waxes her legs (that too). Removal of hair is a cardinal sin for Sikhs - and that does include tattooing. When you get tattoos, hair is removed from the area in some shape or form and body hair is just as important as the hair on your head for a Sikh. A doctor put a stethescope against the chest of Sant Baba Attar Singh Jee Mastuana Wale and could hear the hair on his body repeating the name of Vaheguru. This is just one example of many.

Harnaam is a vile individual and has sold out her Guru for the sake of a bit of publicity and fame. And if you are reading this Harnaam, you were put on the lame excuse for a cat-walk by people who think you're a freak show because being freaky (as Lady Gaga would tell you) is the fashionable thing nowadays! You made it because people want to exploit your deformity and attract attention. You put up pictures of your breasts, your naked body as much as you can, adorning make up and other crap... and deep down you know it is not because you are a confident person. You are far from confident. You are just a lonely, sad girl who was bullied a lot and think by being a "model" that they will not laugh at you any more. But it's far from the truth - they laugh at you more because you really think and believe you are some sort of model and icon. You're an ugly person - not on the outside as much as you are on the inside. Remove your dastaar, you do not deserve the title and crown of a Kaur.

Revenge? LOL More of a reason to laugh at this disgusting individual.

Promoting kaam (lust) on Instagram

Has excessive hair on face and chest but everywhere else is hairless because she waxes. #hypocrite.