Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gurnimit Singh Rangila - Exposed

A young Kirtani, going by name of Gurnimit Sikh "Rangila", has been accused on social media of joining a gay community app and sending nude photographs of himself. Just recently in 2016 he was here in the UK doing a tour supported by all the major Sikh channels and has been back and forth to the UK many times.

At first, he seems to apologize for his mistakes as seen on Akaal Channel - but then he takes it back on social media videos, claiming he had a relationship with a girl from London who stabbed him in the back and made up some of these screenshots that you see. What's the truth? You can decide. 

Now, this parchaarak is very young and I don't think giving up seva of Kirtan forever is a good solution. He's actually a pretty good Kirtani, although him and his father (Bhupinder Singh Rangila) have annoyed me everytime I have met them. His father is related to Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila and used to play tabla with him as a jatha. They fell out for some reason and he chats crap about Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila at every chance he gets. They say all things happen for a reason - and maybe this will cool their egos down a bit. 

I would also say this - if you're gay, be who you are. But then do not do Kirtan on stages and parchaar. Sikhi, although we still respect people who are gay, does not condone homosexuality. It's against the basic laws of nature and Sikhi is a religion founded on just that. 

Another point (and this is very important), young parchaaraks should NOT be given roles or take it upon themselves to counsel other youth. Leave that to elder, experienced parchaaraks who have more of a jeevan and work your way up to that point. Don't brag in your video that you counsel others and whatnot, you are FAR from that point in being able to inspire others. You say this is a conspiracy against you? Sorry mate, you holding your d*ck in your hand and sending out photos of yourself in full proves there is some truth to the accusations with proof. Those pics are not edited, we can tell the difference.



Finally, Rangila goes to prove, it's not only AKJ's that are gay like Harinder Singh NKJ, Manvir Singh "Khalsa" or Hardeep Singh. They remain in the closet but they should be encouraged to come out, be who they are and step down from appearing on stages.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Manvir Singh - The Vile Parchaarak

We still get lots of e-mails asking us about so-called Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa and our previous posts which unfortunately are unavailable to view in the UK. Truth is, he contacted Google crying about his photos being used on the page and therefore Google removed it.

In short, to those who missed the original post, Manvir Singh married a girl from India a few years ago. Within a few months, he had the marriage annulled. His ex-wife contacted us and told us that she caught Manvir watching questionable videos on his laptop and this caused tensions between the two. Eventually, he suggested that she go to India for a few months where he would then join her and work it out. As soon as she got to India, he cancelled her visa and communicated through someone else that they were no longer together and she should remain in India. She also reached out to other UK Gursikhs who were visiting India to help her and told her story. We are not the only ones that know about this.

Manvir Singh is a vile individual who should be avoided at any cost. He claims he doesn't go to certain places or camps because they were not inline with Gurmat - but in truth, he was kicked out from most places.

At a camp in UK, whilst he was doing Kirtan, a young Bibi who was coming into Sikhi put a piece of paper on his vaja as he was doing Kirtan and left the camp. When the Singhs noticed it was a telephone number, they got curious and when they approached him he said he didn't know why the Bibi put her telephone number on the Vaja and claimed she was "flirting" with many of the Singhs there anyway. A few months later, they contacted the Bibi and she said she had to leave the camp early but her and Manvir Singh had been talking about a personal issue she had and he had asked her for her number. So she left it on the vaja as she had to leave - she was very distraught by her claims she was flirting with the other Singhs. No one else had observed this behaviour from her.

We ask and urge all Gurdwaras in the UK and abroad - DO NOT CALL MANVIR SINGH KHALSA TO YOUR GURDWARA. He will only cause problems, confusions and distress in your community. We do not need this kuthi-janaani spreading more gandh.

Manvir Singh - Re-repost :)

We have had a lot of e-mails and comments about Manvir Singh who is from Leamington area. We did not remove the last post, he had it removed by Google. This individual manages to contact Google to get the truth removed. Look at the following, when a blog was revealing the truth, he cried to Google saying his pictures were being used without his permission. Funny how he doesn't complain to Google that what was written were lies or defamatory:-

Then recently, when we published the truth about his marriage barely lasting a few months, he got the photographer who took his photo to put in another request to have the post removed:-

There are camps, smagams and other programs this individual is regularly called to. We request all Gurdwaras to stop inviting this individual to your event. There are some serious problems. When he got married, all was good for a few weeks until his new wife caught him with gay pornography on his personal device. When he was confronted, he reacted very hostilely and manipulated her into going back to India for a holiday, when he then quickly denounced his marriage and cancelled her marriage visa, reporting her to the authorities.


PS. Of course, there's no 'hard' evidence as to what we are saying above. Having talked to his ex-wife, these are her claims and she reached out to Singhs recently but no-one was willing to help or support her without concrete evidence. Manvir is a very vindictive individual, all who know him well enough and don't give into his false bullshit, will know what we say to be the truth. Those that want to keep kissing his buttocks can carry on (and keep using your tongues whilst your down there) and the ones who know, I hope you will warn our brothers and sisters away from this one.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Harnaam Kaur Is Not Sikh

Eurgh. That's the first word that comes into mind when I think of Harnaam Kaur who was recently featured as a cat-walk model. Not because of the way she looks or that she has so much facial hair. Actually, I used to quite admire Harnaam Kaur, seeing her at various programs and stuff whilst I was growing up. I know a lot of Gursikhs who also admired her because it seemed she was confident and proud of her excessive body hair. But something, somewhere has gone horribly wrong. Now, I am just disgusted when I see her on Instagram and various social networks - because she is a hypocrite and a sell out using Sikhi to gain herself some fame.

So why am I saying this? She does so many things that are against the Sikh religion and Rehat Maryadha (Code of Conduct) that I laugh when I hear or see people commenting that she's such a great Singhni. Firstly, she tattoos her body (yes, it is against Sikhi), she pierces her body (yes, this is against Rehat) and waxes her legs (that too). Removal of hair is a cardinal sin for Sikhs - and that does include tattooing. When you get tattoos, hair is removed from the area in some shape or form and body hair is just as important as the hair on your head for a Sikh. A doctor put a stethescope against the chest of Sant Baba Attar Singh Jee Mastuana Wale and could hear the hair on his body repeating the name of Vaheguru. This is just one example of many.

Harnaam is a vile individual and has sold out her Guru for the sake of a bit of publicity and fame. And if you are reading this Harnaam, you were put on the lame excuse for a cat-walk by people who think you're a freak show because being freaky (as Lady Gaga would tell you) is the fashionable thing nowadays! You made it because people want to exploit your deformity and attract attention. You put up pictures of your breasts, your naked body as much as you can, adorning make up and other crap... and deep down you know it is not because you are a confident person. You are far from confident. You are just a lonely, sad girl who was bullied a lot and think by being a "model" that they will not laugh at you any more. But it's far from the truth - they laugh at you more because you really think and believe you are some sort of model and icon. You're an ugly person - not on the outside as much as you are on the inside. Remove your dastaar, you do not deserve the title and crown of a Kaur.

Revenge? LOL More of a reason to laugh at this disgusting individual.

Promoting kaam (lust) on Instagram

Has excessive hair on face and chest but everywhere else is hairless because she waxes. #hypocrite.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Walsall Sikh Gets Blown

UPDATE: We now know this is Resham Singh Gill from Walsall. He is a grandfather and great grandfather. There is also a video online of him openly admitting it, laughing about the incident and saying he doesn't really give a f***. Wonder if he would feel the same when his great grandkids begin to get bullied at school because of it...

The video below has gone viral in private circles. It shows an elderly Singh getting "satisfied" by a young boy for money near Caldmore Gurdwara. It was recorded by someone from a near barber shop it looks like. You can hear the guy recording the footage laughing and in disbelief that he just saw a Sikh man involved in such activity.

Anyone want to help identify this kanjar?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gursikh Couple Give Back Their Heads - Kulwant and Parveen

You may have seen many images like the ones above of a Sikh couple posted on various different social media sites like facebook. Shared and liked by thousands in the past, they have gone viral with people commenting "wow" and "perfect Gurus singhni" etc. Well, sorry to burst the bubble but that is far from the truth.

Kulwant Singh (Dudley) and his wife Parveen Kaur (Italy) got married a few years ago and have 3 daughters. Parveen took amrit shortly before marriage and was given the name Gursunder Kaur.

We were sent photos of them then... and now.

Here is the wedding photo

Wedding Photo

They put up photos of themselves like the ones above and below.

These photos were shared on facebook by the couple themselves, through a website and facebook page called SunderArts. They are public domain. Both the couple were confronted a couple of years ago by members of the sangat concerned with alleged anti-Gurmat and fraudulent practices that the couple were engaging in.

Kulwant Singh is known around Europe, particularly for being the son of revered and revolutionary Gursikh Bhai Rajinder Singh, who passed away in 2002. Bhai Sahib founded Chaldha Vaheer Jatha, a group of teachers who would assemble around Europe where Sikh education was non-existent and would hold camps and smagams for the youth. The family home, which used to consist of two side-by-side houses at the end of a cul-de-sac, were split shortly after Kulwant Singh got married which was the result of him falling out with his mother. Eventually, she gave him the house he wanted and disowned him. Following the marriage, she too couldn't put up with the anti-Gurmat practices of Parveen which led to many arguments in the home. 

Today, this is them:-

Kulwant Singh is on the right in picture above wearing a hat - beard trimmed and tied.

Having taken the name of Gursunder Kaur after taking Amrit and receiving a Hukamnama, she now goes by the name of Parveen Kaur herself.

Now, of course, we're gonna get the haters and their supporters commenting "Why do you care? Who are you to shame them? WTF is wrong with you?!" but, ironically, we do care. These individuals went around first tricking people into thinking they were possessed or needed some voodoo shit to sort out their past karam in exchange for money, brainwashed their friends into thinking they were true Gursikhs, even telling people that their dasam dhuaar had opened and they were the spirits of Shaheeds. Now, here they are having exhausted all their options and finished with their trickery, living it up at the expense of their victims and laughing in the face of the Khalsa. Sure, they will get punished by Maharaj at some point but they must be exposed so the sangat are aware of schemers like these who exist today, in even in your community. Kulwant Singh was known and respected by so many, but his downfall came when he decided to get married to a girl who wanted to be a supermodel, not a supersikh. And let it be a lesson to all those Amrit Dhaari Singhs who think they can marry a girl who has no interest in Sikhi to begin with. You can't force her to live a Sikhi jeevan. She may do for a year or few, but it won't last. You either have to be strong in your own Sikhi to overcome her weakness in Sikhi or her manmat strength will overcome you. 

Friday, March 06, 2015

Harinder Singh NKJ Arrested, Says Accuser

We previously reported abuse of a young man, known only as Gavin, by the Nirvair Khalsa Jatha leader Harinder Singh. A facebook page setup by the alleged victim now claims Harinder Singh has been arrested. Whether he has been charged or not is unknown at this present moment in time. We will keep you posted.