Friday, November 25, 2005

Sudden Change

My story isn't that spectacular, but hear goes. I used to be in a wrong crowd and all my priorities were mixed up. My family is a bit messed, and although I have one of the best moms in the world, my dad is the total opposite of what a sikh should be like.

Well, I used to be in the wrong crowd from the beginning, for some reason i always found it easier to get along with those kind of people. and i went to a school which is known for its bad sangat. I used to do dumb stuff like skip dchool and go places and drink and stuff, and cut my hair,even though i knew it would break my mother's heart.

then when i was in grade ten, i got really deppressed and started thinking of suicide and stuff. I've heard from people that Sukhmani Sahib takes away deppression, and also read that Bhai Rama Singh Ji got into sikhi through Sukhmani Saib, so i started doing it a bit.

but i still wasn't interested in amrit shucking or anything, but we used to go to simran and the keertans becuase guru ji did kirpa on me by blessing me with sadh sangat of gur sikhs.

the day i took amrit, i just woke up and felt like wearing a keski that day. it was weird cuz the day before i had plucked my eyebrows. :) and then that night was the smaagam rainsbayee and I took amrit, with guru ji's kirpa. I had not even thought about taking amrit like the day before, it just happened.
the End

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Blood debt women offered up for rape

Muslims often claim women to be treated equally yet this story in this day and age is unbelievable.

Blood debt women offered up for rape
By Isambard Wilkinson in Sultanwala
(Filed: 22/11/2005)

A village council in Pakistan has decreed that five young women should be abducted, raped or killed for refusing to honour childhood "marriages".

The women, who are cousins, were married in absentia by a mullah in their Punjabi village to illiterate sons of their family's enemies in 1996, when they were aged from six to 13.

The marriages were part of a compensation agreement ordered by the village council and reached at gunpoint after the father of one of the girls shot dead a family rival.

The rival families have now called in their "debt", demanding the marriages to the village men are fulfilled.

The case is becoming a cause célèbre in Pakistan, pitting tribal mores against a group of modern-minded, educated women. Amna Niazi, the eldest of the five at 22, is taking a degree in English literature, while both her sisters want to attend university.

Their fathers are supporting them and have refused to hand them over, leading to a resumption of the blood feud, with two relatives shot recently and 20 people arrested, while promises of further retribution and murder abound.

In addition to the sentence on the women, the village council has sentenced to death Jehan Khan Niazi, the father of three of the women, and the fathers of the other two for failing to honour the supposed bond with men whose identities they are not even certain of.

The women have said they will commit suicide if their fathers obey the council.

Speaking at their home in Sultanwala, a remote cotton and sugar-cane growing village, Amna said: "It is a great injustice that should be ended. Why should we pay for a crime committed by someone else? We will commit suicide if it happens. We would be treated like animals by them. Our misery would never end as this is just another way of using us as tools in the feud." None of the women has so far been able to marry as their childhood "marriages" hang over them.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan condemned the "barbaric custom of vani", - the tradition of handing over women to resolve disputes - and called on President Pervez Musharraf to enforce a ban.

Last year a three-year-old girl near Multan was betrothed to a 60-year-old man in a similar settlement. The case led to parliament passing a law banning vani and honour killings, but it has been widely ignored.

The case of Mukhtar Mai, a Pakistani woman whom a village council ordered to be gang-raped for an alleged offence committed by her brother, has also reached international attention.

The Daily Telegraph was granted access to the young women, despite Mr Niazi's fear that the village will further condemn him for being "un-Islamic" by allowing his daughters to be photographed, albeit with their faces covered by veils.

Amna, who hopes to become an English lecturer, said: "We are proud of our father. Despite having little money, he has educated us and shown us that we must stand up in society and demand our rights."

She is studying at a college affiliated to the university of Lahore, while her sister Abida, 18, is applying to study medicine, and Sajida, 15, is still at secondary school.

The other girls, Assia, 20, and Fatima, 16, are the daughters of Mr Niazi's brothers.

"Only a few of my friends know about this," said Abida. "But those that do support us and say we are fighting for the oppressed women of Pakistan."

Mr Niazi, who is a government accountant, was candid about the cause of the feud. "My brother murdered one of our neighbours after being shot at. But it is complicated, they had already insulted us by making indecent remarks to our girls," he said.

He added that his family had already paid blood-money to the aggrieved party. "I have refused to give into the council's request as it is un-Islamic. I cannot hand over my girls like goats to marry these illiterate boys," he said.
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

Source link: Daily Telegraph

Saturday, November 19, 2005

How Muslims Perceive Us

How Muslims Perceive Us

I had decided a while ago that I should write this e-mail, but other things always came first. Today i read something very shocking on an e-group, about bibian going out with muslim boys. What was most shocking was that people on the group just seemed to accept this. But can I ask why do we accept this?

In the last few years, I have become quite involved with some of these situations, not intentionally, but by accident. As some of you may know I now live in Leeds, which is right next to Bradford (Mini-Pakistan). Over the last year, when I went to some of the local Gurdwaras ( there are many), I would occasionally get distraught parents come up to me telling me to talk to their children. The reason they asked me, because I can speak english, british-born sikh, who attempts to practice. It started off with one girl who said she madly wants to marry a muslim boy, her parents will not agree, so they brought her to talk to me. Naturally I was a bit shocked, but I spoke to her at the gurdwara. She told me how much they loved each other, she was going to convert and they were going to marry. I asked her if he really did love her. She said yes. I said, "You are going to convert for him, out of love. I do not ask him to take Amrit, but will he, out of love for you, just come to the gurdwara, and just bow in front of Sahib Siri Guru Granth sahib ji. Surely if you can convert for him, he can do this much for you?"

To cut the story short, he would not. She stuck by him, two weeks later ran off with him. They were not seen for six weeks, until she came home, after he had dumped her for another girl. Two other cases came to me, different in structure, but similar storyline. Eventually, I thought enough is enough. I went on the gurdwara stage and spoke about muslims, panjabi girls, fundamental muslim groups, etc. Guru Maharaj de kirpa, the sangat responded, an ever-expanding youth group has been set-up, we did the shabad-Guru samagam,which included a youth camp,in which this subject was particularly discussed. Now the youth are getting ready to create mass education on Sikhi in this area, as this was seen as a starting point.


Since the smamgam, because of the camp I have had another 4 cases. I know maharaj will help all those who need it. But I have noticed a pattern which i what I want to share. Every situation is different, different ages, environment, etc. But one fundamental pattern.

There are two types of muslim boys;
FUNDAMENTAL MUSLIM - these usually belong to particular groups. They do not care for the individuals, they look at who she is. They target sikh,hindu,christain and jewish girls. Romancing, flattery, games, etc, to get these in girls in their circle, leading towards conversion. Shocking as it may seem these boys truely believe if they convert a non-muslim into Islam, then they will be Mukt. (Liberated)
NON-RELIGIOUS MUSLIMS - they care little about religion, for them it is a social thing. If they go out with pakistani girls and get them pregnent, their community forces them to get married. They do not want to get married, but just go with girls. So they INTENTIONALLY pick sikh/hindu/white girls, because they can do what they want, there is no comeback. If the girls get pregnent, their community does not care, these are just cheap girls for their boys to use as they grow up. They are not pakistani muslim girls, who are pure. hence the pakistani community a major superiority complex over the others.

PUNJABI GIRLS - Notice i call them punjabi, because they have little knowledge on Sikhi, and no practice. The pattern I have found in the girls is what i call the "Bollywood Concept". These girls wholeheartedly believe love will conquer all. As in films, there is a social divide, their parents are against it, their community is against, but no matter love will always win. However these poor girls get a reality check, when the boy`s sisters, mother and other family do not want this "cheap" girl" in their family. Or the boy has had his fun and wants to move on to the next girl, or get maried to a respectable girl. Love suddenly disappears, and she is left humilliated in front of her friends, family and community FOR LIFE, because people do not forget.

I am not racist. I know punjabi boys are just as bad. But we as a community have got to look at how muslims percieve us. They do target punjabi girls, because they are considered easy. Many years ago, A hindu brahmin journalist wrote in a national newspaper, "The Daily Telegraph" that sikh girls are the most uninhibited, ie.(cheap), in the asian community. Fundamental muslim do target sikh girls, they are desparate for a dastaar wale girl just to humiliate sikhs. How are we as a community reacting. Why do we accept this? Why are our girls so niave that they think everything is so innocent. Why do they play games?

the muslim community here, has a major problem of pakistani girls running away with non-muslims, due to seeing the hypocrisy and attitudes of muslims boys. However the are trying to tackle the situation, hence have a £5million pound grant for a school for muslim girls.

We as sikhs look at Sarbat da bhalla (consideration for all mankind). But we also have realise not everyone else is like that. We as a community cannot tolerate our community to be precieved in this way. We are not cheap or asain trash. The sikh community should be the most moral, upstanding, hardworking, civilised and sophisticated society as created by our Guru`s. THAT IS OUR STANDARD.

A benti to everyone, have some self-respect! Especially to all the Bibian, do not let girls who are your friends behave like this. Say something. Educate them. It is not innocently going to the cinema with some boys, who happen to be muslims. The deeper they go the more they get burned.

I know alot of people may not like this e-mail, or will disagree with it. Some people may say there is not a problem. If you go to any college, uni, etc, you will see there is a problem. DO YOUR COMMUNITY A FAVOUR, DO NOT ACCEPT IT!!!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Drinks Contain Fish Gelatine

I recently was told fizzy drinks contained fish extracts. I decided to email Coca-Cola. heres the reponse. Amritdharhi Should be aware of this.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the ingredients in our products.

can confirm that none of the products of Coca-Cola Great Britain contain
ingredients derived from mammals. As some practicing vegetarians avoid fish
products as well, it is important to note that some of our products contain
minute traces of fish gelatine,
which is used as a stabiliser for the
beta-carotene colour. These products are:

‘Fanta’ Orange (and Fanta
Orange Z)
‘Fanta’ Apple Splash
‘Lilt’ pineapple & grapefruit (and
Lilt Z).
‘Alive’ Orange Cascade
‘Kia-Ora’ Orange and Pineapple Squash
(and NAS)
Minute Maid Froot Refresh (Mango and Passion Fruit)

I can
also confirm that none of our products contain egg derivatives.


Consumer Information Centre

Friday, November 04, 2005

Sikh orphans given to Christian missionaries?

It has come to light Sikh children who where made orphanes in 1980's handed over to christian Missionaries by Government, etc. This would have ment they converted there faith and there fore another way found to get rid of the Sikh youth loosing there sikhi, sikhi loosing its next generation.

Taken from

This was done in order to hide evidence of the Nov 1984 carnage.I have heard of
the recent film AMU but did not know that there was a well organized move of the
part of the so-called Sikh leaders to give Sikh orphans to Christian
If I recall correctly there were at least well over four hundered Sikh children
that were brought back from the Calcutta region alone to Punjab and resettled
among some various orphanages and some adopted by sikhs.

Some how these
children landed up with Mother Theresa.Credit goes to mother theresa that she
did counter argued when representations were made to her initially by Sr Mahip
Singh.I believe it was through some Calcutta resident Sikhs investigating the
carnage in Bengal state that this issue came to light.They visited mother
theresa, who confirmed many sikh children had arrived there.She also assured
Sikhs that until they were able to take care she will look after them.The Sikhs
offered her all the support to bring them as Sikhs and at once contatced the
Calcutta Sikh leaders at Gurduara Barri Sikh sangat.

The Calcutta Sikh
leaders along with Capt Bhag Singh ji, I beleive, through Dr Mahip Singh
informed Bhagat Puran Singh ji, who along with Mahip Singh ji at once offered
ardasa and left shortly after for Calcutta to bring the children back to punjab
and his care.Later some of these children were joined with their parents or
relatives who had survived and were located.But others remained at the
pingalwara, and among some other orphanages within Punjab.

It was very
clearly pointed out in the punjabi press and aslo some English media that it was
due to a conspiracy of some of the indian government agents that these Sikh
children were transported to a christian charity.In other words it was a
deliberate act to loose the community its youth.

But Khalsa Ji, the
saddest part is all our organisations are busy chassing phantoms, NOBOSDY ever
had the single iota of sense to say let us organise our own study into these
massacres -state by state, town by town,and street by street, and under a
category of other( eg those travelling on trains, buses , cars or etc) and
establish what exactly happened, who died where and how,who are the survivors
and how many children are involved and now accounted for.

Instead we
are busy chasing phantoms, argung over maryada, that has been set 50 years ago
and still wonder if we are sikhs or jats, tarkhaans or kummiars!

I am
ashamed some times to be a sikh , when i think back that we could have
abandonned countless other children because our Sikh leaders in the Punjab found
politics more appealing.

I am NOT ashamed to say, when I heard this
in 1984 december, I could not eat for days , and spent days liasing with
Christian organisations in UK to ensure the Sikh children were brought up as
sikhs, and returned back to the Panth as soon as arrangements were completed by
Dr Mahip Singh Ji.

Then I had a call that a problem arose regards their
transport back to Punjab.Unashamedly I will say, I paid for the journies of 489
individuals.The sangat at calcutta paid for their clothes and food .Dr Mahip
singh ji arranged for two doctors and three nurses to accompany them back,at his
expense and got an army escort all the way back to the Punjab.

NO Sikh
organisation in UK was interested as they were busy shouting Khalistan or trying
to have photo opportunities with visiting Indian leaders.

Today my tears
still roll out when I think of those bad days and the children.

But it
is very very sad that our sikh leaders are still busy shouting about a phnatom
khalistanm fighting over maryada or something irrelevant.But NOT ONE CARE about
the children.

Jis kaum ne apne bache'an de kal di na sochi,

kisse hor di kal da ki apne pale pana hai/

Singho, this is the truth
only in one incident.