Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Drinks Contain Fish Gelatine

I recently was told fizzy drinks contained fish extracts. I decided to email Coca-Cola. heres the reponse. Amritdharhi Should be aware of this.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the ingredients in our products.

can confirm that none of the products of Coca-Cola Great Britain contain
ingredients derived from mammals. As some practicing vegetarians avoid fish
products as well, it is important to note that some of our products contain
minute traces of fish gelatine,
which is used as a stabiliser for the
beta-carotene colour. These products are:

‘Fanta’ Orange (and Fanta
Orange Z)
‘Fanta’ Apple Splash
‘Lilt’ pineapple & grapefruit (and
Lilt Z).
‘Alive’ Orange Cascade
‘Kia-Ora’ Orange and Pineapple Squash
(and NAS)
Minute Maid Froot Refresh (Mango and Passion Fruit)

I can
also confirm that none of our products contain egg derivatives.


Consumer Information Centre


Anonymous said...

do u mean all types of Fanta contain fish stuff or just the ones in UK or where ever u live? i drink Fanta orange flavour? is dat ok?
plz lemme know asap thanx

Sikh Alert said...

This is copy paste of an email a singh from UK sent to the UK branch which they forwarded to me. Sikh from other countries should contact Coca Cola.