Friday, November 04, 2005

Sikh orphans given to Christian missionaries?

It has come to light Sikh children who where made orphanes in 1980's handed over to christian Missionaries by Government, etc. This would have ment they converted there faith and there fore another way found to get rid of the Sikh youth loosing there sikhi, sikhi loosing its next generation.

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This was done in order to hide evidence of the Nov 1984 carnage.I have heard of
the recent film AMU but did not know that there was a well organized move of the
part of the so-called Sikh leaders to give Sikh orphans to Christian
If I recall correctly there were at least well over four hundered Sikh children
that were brought back from the Calcutta region alone to Punjab and resettled
among some various orphanages and some adopted by sikhs.

Some how these
children landed up with Mother Theresa.Credit goes to mother theresa that she
did counter argued when representations were made to her initially by Sr Mahip
Singh.I believe it was through some Calcutta resident Sikhs investigating the
carnage in Bengal state that this issue came to light.They visited mother
theresa, who confirmed many sikh children had arrived there.She also assured
Sikhs that until they were able to take care she will look after them.The Sikhs
offered her all the support to bring them as Sikhs and at once contatced the
Calcutta Sikh leaders at Gurduara Barri Sikh sangat.

The Calcutta Sikh
leaders along with Capt Bhag Singh ji, I beleive, through Dr Mahip Singh
informed Bhagat Puran Singh ji, who along with Mahip Singh ji at once offered
ardasa and left shortly after for Calcutta to bring the children back to punjab
and his care.Later some of these children were joined with their parents or
relatives who had survived and were located.But others remained at the
pingalwara, and among some other orphanages within Punjab.

It was very
clearly pointed out in the punjabi press and aslo some English media that it was
due to a conspiracy of some of the indian government agents that these Sikh
children were transported to a christian charity.In other words it was a
deliberate act to loose the community its youth.

But Khalsa Ji, the
saddest part is all our organisations are busy chassing phantoms, NOBOSDY ever
had the single iota of sense to say let us organise our own study into these
massacres -state by state, town by town,and street by street, and under a
category of other( eg those travelling on trains, buses , cars or etc) and
establish what exactly happened, who died where and how,who are the survivors
and how many children are involved and now accounted for.

Instead we
are busy chasing phantoms, argung over maryada, that has been set 50 years ago
and still wonder if we are sikhs or jats, tarkhaans or kummiars!

I am
ashamed some times to be a sikh , when i think back that we could have
abandonned countless other children because our Sikh leaders in the Punjab found
politics more appealing.

I am NOT ashamed to say, when I heard this
in 1984 december, I could not eat for days , and spent days liasing with
Christian organisations in UK to ensure the Sikh children were brought up as
sikhs, and returned back to the Panth as soon as arrangements were completed by
Dr Mahip Singh Ji.

Then I had a call that a problem arose regards their
transport back to Punjab.Unashamedly I will say, I paid for the journies of 489
individuals.The sangat at calcutta paid for their clothes and food .Dr Mahip
singh ji arranged for two doctors and three nurses to accompany them back,at his
expense and got an army escort all the way back to the Punjab.

NO Sikh
organisation in UK was interested as they were busy shouting Khalistan or trying
to have photo opportunities with visiting Indian leaders.

Today my tears
still roll out when I think of those bad days and the children.

But it
is very very sad that our sikh leaders are still busy shouting about a phnatom
khalistanm fighting over maryada or something irrelevant.But NOT ONE CARE about
the children.

Jis kaum ne apne bache'an de kal di na sochi,

kisse hor di kal da ki apne pale pana hai/

Singho, this is the truth
only in one incident.


Gurinder said...

"I am ashamed some times to be a sikh" as per your comment.

At rough times its all about our devotion to humanity. Maybe its our test by Guruji, if we succeed in our task.

Even SGGS ji describes that during tough times even the best friend and blood relatives run away and they only join during charming times.

I understand your pain that we are focused on other issues such as class in sikhism, but you are doing a good job by bringing this awareness to everyone! Keep on doing this!

Right from beginning of sikhism other people have been against it and there are lot of reasons!

Please remember that if Sikhi is going through tough times we should not feel bad about it, instead become more strong pillars of sikhi and teach other people that no matter what tactics they will use we will remain strong in our faith. We will protect our sikhi and other peoples rights too!! This is the essence of sikhi.

Sikhi is not about numbers it is about quality. At times it seems like that sikhi might vanish from this planet, but remember scarifices made by Guruji's sahibzadays is not going to go waste! Every brick of that wall is a pillar of sikhism.

Please remember that even 5 and 7 yr old sahibzaday never felt fear or ashamed that they are sikhs, but they stood firm for their faith and showed us how to live sikhi.

you are doing excellent job! But remember Khalsa is unique from other religions, which is protecting ourselves and the rights of other people. So, people could feel real sense of freedom in their lives.

Gurinder said...

one more thing, thats what other people want to hear that we are at the brink of giving up.

If we stand under the umberlla of Guruji and make our TRUE Guru SGGS then it does not matter even if the entire world becomes against us!

In the past Khalsa has proven their faith and now its our time to bring awareness through education.

Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for the unpleasant relationship experiences u may have had if u allow me, my sincere hope moving forward is that yr. blog is out of love for the faith and not bitterness from your experiences. bad experiences are not necessarily bad,jus like when we burn gold over again to purify it.

ps. gurinder, i've always liked reading ur comments, thought u were on a roll on the chandi di vaar article.