Friday, November 25, 2005

Sudden Change

My story isn't that spectacular, but hear goes. I used to be in a wrong crowd and all my priorities were mixed up. My family is a bit messed, and although I have one of the best moms in the world, my dad is the total opposite of what a sikh should be like.

Well, I used to be in the wrong crowd from the beginning, for some reason i always found it easier to get along with those kind of people. and i went to a school which is known for its bad sangat. I used to do dumb stuff like skip dchool and go places and drink and stuff, and cut my hair,even though i knew it would break my mother's heart.

then when i was in grade ten, i got really deppressed and started thinking of suicide and stuff. I've heard from people that Sukhmani Sahib takes away deppression, and also read that Bhai Rama Singh Ji got into sikhi through Sukhmani Saib, so i started doing it a bit.

but i still wasn't interested in amrit shucking or anything, but we used to go to simran and the keertans becuase guru ji did kirpa on me by blessing me with sadh sangat of gur sikhs.

the day i took amrit, i just woke up and felt like wearing a keski that day. it was weird cuz the day before i had plucked my eyebrows. :) and then that night was the smaagam rainsbayee and I took amrit, with guru ji's kirpa. I had not even thought about taking amrit like the day before, it just happened.
the End


Gurinder said...

No one is perfect in this world. If we come to realization sooner or later then we are the most wise person.

Guruji is full of love! in japji sahib: " Mooth Pleethi Kupdh hoi, Oh Tho-vaa Na-vaa ka rang"

Our life is like a dirty rag and if we wash it with soap that dirty cloth becomes clean, similarly our actions are full of dirt but when we wash it with naam it becomes bran new!

So, just learn from the past and move on! Guruji, does not care about the past if we have realized our mistakes and reshape ourselves.

Everyday by millimeter by millimeter I tend to bring something positive into life.

Remember that we are here only for another 50yrs if we live that long! Maybe little more. But at the end we have to leave this world.

So, don't become depressed or get stuck in this issue of leaving the world, but we shall go there with honor! with guruji's grace.

May guruji bless you and May I learn from you.

sikhlionz said...

May Waheguru bring you a step closer to Him with each day that passes and bless you with Naam, Tandrosthi and chardhi kalaa