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EXCLUSIVE JAIL RUN BY AL-QAEDA Fanatic thugs in razor attacks on prisoners Inmates are ordered to take up Islamic faith Chapel used to groom gang for terrorism
By Greig Box
VIOLENT Islamic extremists are terrorising inmates at Britain's toughest jail with an iron fist as they trawl for al-Qaeda recruits.

The gang of thugs - known as The Muslim Boys - intimidate frightened inmates at Belmarsh into joining their faith, beating those who refuse their bullying demands.

Some bloodied victims have been slashed by razor blades attached to toothbrushes. Others have had boiling water hurled over them. Prisoners say they are in fear for their lives.

The brutal brotherhood - whose gang on the outside is the Yard's Public Enemy No 1 - also host weekly "religious" meetings where it is feared members are groomed for terrorism by al-Qaeda chiefs.

Watching guards are helpless to take action as they do not understand what is being said. Some have been attacked at the "services".

In a bid to break the network, leaders have been transferred to other jails. But others step into their shoes.


The reign of terror is disclosed in a leaked report - seen by the Mirror - from Belmarsh's head of security.

Referring to a review in December, it declares: "Prisoners reported abuse, assaults, intimidation and threats. Some of the atrocities were carried out with impunity during associations causing victims to fear for their lives.

"Most of the perpetrators are believed to be members of the Muslim Boys gang who intensified their drive to recruit other prisoners to the fold.

"They force prisoners to accept the Muslim faith - those who refuse suffer assaults. They promise potential converts protection from other prisoners and staff who they challenge at every opportunity."

A source said: "These people are terrifying. Extreme Muslims are pulling together and the jail has experienced a surge in violence, drugs and intimidation.

"The Muslim Boys' gangmaster orders most of the assaults on fellow prisoners. They rule through fear and are very hard to infiltrate."

Security chiefs are most worried at the weekly seminars held by the gang in Belmarsh's multi-faith chapel.

Our source said: "Belmarsh has got a huge problem tackling the recruitment of terrorist cells.

"These people hold religious services every week. Around 125 Muslims attend and top members of al-Qaeda preach.

"None of the staff has a clue what they're talking about. Six officers attend each service, but all they can do is stand and watch.

"Those in the chapel could be planning a major terrorist attack but the officers wouldn't know.

"We can't even tape the service and get it translated because it is against Human Rights. It's frightening."

A former intelligence officer said last night: "This is extremely worrying. The degree of indoctrination in prison might be much higher and result in a recruit more dedicated to terrorism."

Category A Belmarsh, in South East London, holds Britain's most dangerous terror suspects.

They include the four men suspected of planning to bomb London and an inmate thought to be a "senior member of al-Qaeda in the UK".

The report details how one "prominent" inmate was seen becoming increasingly involved with Islam. It said: "He started attending Muslim services. In a phone conversation with his mother, he directed her to read some books that will convert her.

"He also associates with the Muslim Boys and took an active part in an assault on staff."

Two chiefs of the Muslim Boys were moved from the jail in December. Gangmaster 1 is now in Brixton. Gangmaster 2 is at Whitemoor jail, Cambs. He is serving life for murder.

The report discloses that officers fear they are losing control of Belmarsh which is awash with mobile phones and drugs. An astonishing 32 mobiles and 191 drugs were found at the jail between July and December.

Two prisoners with terror links were "perpetual" phone offenders.

Handsets are rented out with prisoners inserting their own Sim cards. A source at the jail said: "Officers are struggling to keep a lid on it."

The Brixton-based Muslim Boys are London's most feared gang.

They are said to carry out forced conversions at gunpoint and are thought to be behind at least two executions, violent robberies, attempted murders and drug deals.

The Prison Service said last night: "We don't comment on leaked documents. Each prison has an anti-bullying strategy. Prison governors also ensure any sign of radicalisation is vigorously challenged."

COMPULSORY ID cards would have only "limited value" in the fight against terrorism, Lord Carlile the Government's reviewer of anti-terror laws admitted yesterday.




'An extensive custodial history of drugs, assaults and threats of assaults to both staff and fellow prisoners. Members of his gang intimidate other prisoners and forcefully make them accept the Muslim faith. Those who yield are granted a false protection within the prison, whilst those who refuse suffer abuse, assaults and intimidation'


'In league with others he engaged in intimidation, assaults and recruitment of others into the Muslim Boys Gang/Muslim religion. The membership's aim is to confront staff and cause major disruptions to good in the prison. Has been seen, along with two others, going round the landing tooled up (armed with weapons). They bully fellow prisoners'


Al Qaeda of INDIA = RSS/ VHP/ BJP/ Orthodox Brahmi

Al Qaeda of INDIA = RSS/ VHP/ BJP/ Orthodox Brahmins !!!

Yeah ! It's 100% True !

# But Note:- I'm only Daring Honestly to Tell the - Harsh Ground Level Truths/ Realities -- Which Exists In INDIA Since 2000 Yrs. U May Go Through - Stockholm Syndrome - But Remember that's a Sign of Depression !

--- SomeOne Had to Do this - It Is Just that - I Decided to SpeakOut !

INDIA Has 2000Yrs Old - Brahmin Caste Gang/Mafia , More Organised - Dangerous - InHuman than -- Al Qaeda ! Has Vast Experience of 2000Yrs. With It's Agents Spread all Over System : Bureaucracy = IAS-IPS officers - Police - Judiciary - Media - Educational Institutions - Religious Heads , With Clear Aim to Keep Fellow Indians = Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest - Hungry - Naked - Sick - illiterate - Vulnerable -- to Minimise threat to Continuance of Brahminical Mafia Rule In India. One of the Member - of Their Terrorist/Militant OutFit = RSS, NathuRam Godse - a Brahmin by Caste - Had Shot Dead Mahatma Gandhi - a Bania by Caste On 30/01/1948.

RSS = Rashtriya Sawayam Sevak Sangh ( Born In 1925 ) - A Terrorist/Militant OutFit of Orthodox Brahmins, Head Quarter at: Nagpur - Madhya Pradesh. BJP = Bhartiye Janta Party. VHP = Viswa Hindu Parishad.

-- Brahmins Knowing this Very Well that they (Brahmins) Alone Can Not Keep 98% Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest Indians - Under their -- Shoes - So they (Brahmins) Created an Army of - Slaves/Orderly/Poens - Called = Upper Caste Hindus - ( 2nd In Hierarchy & Above Rest Non-Brahmin Hindus - with Brahmins on Top) -- To Help Brahmins In - Killing/Raping/Supressing - The Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest. And it Has Worked !

---- The Past/Present Ground Realities In India Proves - that -- Like Loyal Slaves - Upper Caste Hindus -- Have Been - Killing/Raping/Sodomising - the Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest -- Since 2000Yrs to - Please/Oblige Brahmins & Win Hearts/Blessings - of their Owners/Bosses = Brahmins !

--- Indian Media - Earlier 100% & Now 95% Is Consist/Controlled By Brahmins & 100% Dedicated to the Cause of Brahminism - On Caste Lines/Inerests - Protects/Down Plays the Crimes of Brahmins. That's why RSS/ BJP/ VHP/ Brahmins - Always Get Full Support From Media. And Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest Indians are Always at Dis-Advantage - As their Problems Never Gets Highlighted.

--- Best Eg. = We Don't Hate NathuRam Godse as Much he Should Have Been - For Killing Mahatma Gandhi - a Bania by Caste - B/c Brahmin Controlled Media Down Played His Crime -- B/c NathuRam Godse Was a Brahmin. But In Case Mahatma Gandhi would have been a Brahmin & Killer NathuRam Godse a Bania - then - I Bet - Media Would Have Declared Entire - Bania Community as Traitors ! Brahmins Would Have Written 1000 Books On this Topic - Alone ! Plus Every Week - One Article - Would Have Appeared In Every News Paper - So that Nobody Forgets that - A Brahmin Was Shot Dead By a Bania !

---- BUT STILL - the Bania Community Is the Biggest Sycophants ( Chamchaa ) of Brahmins Since Over 1000 Yrs - Brahminism Flourished in Biggest Way During - Gupta Period - of Ancient India. Banias Virtually Licks the Slippers of Brahmins. But I Don't See Any Reason For this - As Banias are Self-Dependent & Not Parasitical Like Brahmins !

--- When Brahmins Do Brahminism (Brahmanwaad) It's Not Casteism ! -- It's a Natural/ Normal thing In India - Yeah ! - Brahmin Controlled Media Never Says/Writes - It's Casteism - BUT - Where Ever Brahminism Does Not Happens It's Casteism ! Same Media will Cry !

--- Brahmin Controlled Media Projected - As if Lalu Yadav Is the First Man to Exploit Casteism (Yadavism). Brahmins In Media B/c of their Caste's Interests - Very Cunningly/ CareFully - Cover Up/Hide - the Fact - that Brahmins Have Been Doing Brahminism Since 2000 Yrs to Stay In Power. So When Lalu Yadav Exploits Caste Factor - It's Crime/Casteism - BUT - When Brahmins Do Brahminsim - It's Cool/ Natural !

How Genetically Criminal Minded Brahmins Are? For Eg. See Point: 22 (P):-

22(P) Titles & Surnames ON Caste Lines:- For the Cause of Brahmanism, Identification of a Brahmanical Agent - Was - Is - Must, by Another Fellow Brahmanical Agent, So a System of Titles & Surnames was Developed. In Which all Brahmans had to Keep Fixed Titles/Surnames Meaning the Person is Brahman by Caste. Eg = Shastri, Kulkarni, Joshi, Sharma, Malhotra, Pandey, Pandaya, Panda, Parikh, Puri, Sen, Swami, Sahni, Awasthi, Goswami, Bhardwaj, Bhagwat, Bhargav, Kashyap, Krishnan, Upadhayay, Vajpayee, Agnihotry, Mishra, Pathak, Dutt, Dewedi, Triwedi, Tripathi, Vaidya, Shukla, Chaturvedi, Rao, Dixit, Deshpandey, Dubey, Choubey, Dev, Tiwary, Chakrabarti, Banerjee, Jha, Iyer, Nayak, Reddy. List Is Long. All Denotes that the Person Is a Brahman by Caste !

Brahmins Also Forced Non-Brahmin Hindus to Keep Fixed - Surnames - On Caste Lines -- So that Brahmins and Non-Brahmin Hindus Can Be - Easily - Recognised/Differentiated ! Eg. Gupta/Modi/Goel/ Jaitly/Advani/ Garg /Oberoi For Bania Caste, Yadav, So On .......

--- ProoF that Brahmins are Genetically Fine Criminals B/c they Developed Surname System 2000Yrs Back.

No Where In the World Such Kind of thing Exists ! Just Imagine How In-Human/Criminal-Minded Brahmins Were/Are !!

Don't You Think Indian Brahmins Deserve - Nobel Prize for Developing -- In-Human = Divide & Rule Policy On Caste / Surname Lines -- 2000 Yrs Back ???

--- Why Hindu Gods = Shiva/ Rama/ Krishna - DID Not Try to End - Brahmins Mafia Rule of 2000 Yrs ???

-- It's the Brahmin Priests , Who Decides - As Who Will Enter the Temple. So Hindu Gods are Captive/Hijacked Gods ! Even Hindu Gods Dare Not to Speak Against Powerful Brahmins. OoPs ! Why Only Brahmins Can Become Priests in Temples & Hold Religious Posts ? 2000 Yrs Old Resevation B/c of Money Factor ??? -- Plus We all Know that - Non-Brahmin Hindus - Can not Become Priests/Rest - Even If they Want ? So Point Is - then - How Come they are Hindus ???

Plus:- When It Comes to Die For India - Orthodox Brahmins Are No Where Seen !

-- In Past / Present India -- There Is No Evidence - That any Army/Group Consist Only Of Brahmins -- Ever Fought Any War/Enemy/Muslims Invaders (Turks/ Mughals). Brahmins Have Always Provoked/ Pushed - Only Non-Brahmin Hindus (Kshatriyas /Rajputs ...So On.... )/ Rest -- Into War/Fight.

But Brahmins Just Use to -- Perform Pujas/ Havans/ Yagyas - In Solidarity - Far Away From War Fronts - In Safe Areas (See How Brahmins Fooled Us & Still Sit On Our Heads ! Oh F**K !).

Orthodox Brahmins Hate Muslims Very Much ( Much More than Non-Brahmin Hindus - Almost 95% Non-Brahmin Hindus don't Hate Muslims at all ) -- BUT -- Inspite of this - Brahmins themselves Never Picked-Up Arms Against them [ Muslim Invaders (Turks/ Mughals)/ Britishers/Any Invader ] -- Brahmins Only Provoked/ Pushed Non-Brahmin Hindus Fools/Slaves to Attack Muslims - While Brahmins Enjoyed Tea/Snacks with their Family. OoPs !

Best Recent Eg. = 2002 Gujrat Riots -- At Ground Level Not a Single Orthodox Brahmin Went Out & Attacked Muslims Or Took Part In Riots - Yeah It's True ! --- Brahmins Simply/Only Provoked Non-Brahmin Hindu Fools -- To Attack - Poor Helpless Muslims.

-- Wake-Up - You Non-Brahmin Indian Fools Now !!!

-- Indian Army Has - Rajput - Sikh - Jaat - Gorkha - Regiments - BUT --

-- No Brahmin Regiment ! Why ???

-- In - 10 Lakh (1 Million) Indian Army Personnel - Brahmins Are Less than 1% -- That too On Top Level B/c Chances of Death Is Minimum at Officer Level & Non Combat Areas of Army.

--- In Any War Mostly Jawans (Soldiers) Are Killed -- So the Presence of Brahmins Are -- All Most -- ZERO -- at Jawan (Soldier) Level -- So You Will Find Only -- Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest Indians/Including Muslims - At Jawan/Soldier Level ! Here too Brahmins Played/Playing Games. OoPs !

---- That's Why - RSS/BJP/VHP/Orthodox Brahmins - Are Always Ready to Go to War With Anyone Be It Pakistan/Others -- B/c Brahmins Know they Have Nothing to - Lose ! B/c there are Very Few Brahmins In Indian Army & If Insects Non-Brahmin Hindus/Rest Indians - Are Killed - It's Not a Loss of Brahmins. -- But If - Say 50% Were Brahmins In Indian Army - Then - I Bet Brahmins Would Have Opted - For - Peace Peace & Peace !

--- Point Is:- How RSS/ BJP/ Orthodox Brahmins - Can Put the - Lives of Brahmins - In Danger ! OoPs !

Now Compare - This Ratio of - 1% Brahmins In Army to -- Brahmins - In - IAS/IPS/Police = More than 50% , CBI 80% , Reserve Bank of India 70% , Judiciary 50% , Hindu Religious Heads/Priests 100% , Media 95% , Educational Institutions 50% .

--- How Come Almost 50% Who Clear/Join -- IAS/IPS/Civil Services - Every Year -- Are Brahmins - In General Category ??? -- Setting -- Or Just a Co-Incident ???

DID the Mind's Bulb Turn On ???

-- I'm an Indian, Born In a Non-Brahmin Hindu Family, But My Religion Is Science - B/c Everything In Universe Is Product of Science & Moves/Works On Simple Pure Science ! & I'm Proud of this !!!

How Advanced Criminals they Were/Are -- Just Think !

-- India's Ground Level Truths Are Like this Only - What Can I Do? Truths Are Always Difficult to Digest/ Believe ! --- Since Orthodox Brahmins Have only Practiced/Spread Hatred on Caste Lines - So they Deserve - the Same & No Sympathy !

---- Take this:- Murder Accused - Kanchi Sankracharya = Jayendra Saraswati (an Orthodox Brahmin) Said In Police Custody = I will Eat Food Cooked by A Brahmin Only ! -- that Means All Non-Brahmin Hindus - Including Upper Caste Hindus Are Untouchables ! Means :- Apart From Brahmins Every Body Is Untouchables in this World for them ! OoPs !


RSS Attempting to Rewrite American Education Textbooks

RSS Attempting to Rewrite American Education Textbooks
Sunday 29th January, 2006
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

Sacramento, California (KP) - In a bid to submit their own doctored version of Indian history to the California Board of Education, two US based Hindu groups; the Vedic Foundation, and the Hindu Education Foundation (HEF) are in a battle with historians as to what will be noted as history in school textbooks.

The HEF was founded by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in 2004. The RSS as the readers will note is an organization that has a grotesque history of blatant sectarian violence towards Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and other minorities. The Vedic Foundation is an organization that is attempting to simplify Hinduism by narrowing worship to that of their god Vishnu.

Although current textbooks contain some obvious errors such as stating that the Hindi language is written in Arabic script, the two groups are not focusing on these mistakes. Rather they are adding their own Hindu nationalistic ideas to suit their agenda.

Examples of this can be seen from an objection by the HEF to change a quotation in a textbook stating that Aryan rules had created a caste system in India that kept peoples separated according to their work. The HEF demanded that this idea be changed to "During Vedic times, people were divided into different social groups (varnas) based on their capacity to undertake a particular profession."

In another example, the HEF asked that a sentence which described the discrimination of women to be changed to “men had different duties (dharma) as well as rights than women."

However far surpassing anything else is the HEF’s attempts to change the truth of what history states is the origin of the Hindu religion. Both the HEF and Vedic foundation do not want history to state that the Hindu nation was founded by Aryan invaders. An attempt is being made by these two groups to portray the Hindu religion as being native to India. "Textbooks must mention that none of the [ancient] texts, nor any Indian tradition, has a recollection of any Aryan invasion or migration," states engineer and pro-Hindu activitst S. Kalyanaraman.

On the topic of whether Aryan invaders brought the roots of the Hindu religion with them or not, Micheal Witzel, a Harvard University Sanskrit scholar and Indologist along with comparative historian Steve Farmer concludes in the magazine Frontline that "unquestionably, all sides of Indian history must be repeatedly re-examined. But any massive revisions must arise from the discovery of new evidence, not from desires to boost national or sectarian pride at any cost."

On the other hand Meenakshi Jain who is a historian at Delhi University wrote a book on Indian history for high school students, which was accepted by the then ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) states that "Indic civilization has been a big victim of misrepresentation and belittling of our culture.” She also says that history is meant to be rewritten, depending on the perspective and needs of the present time.

"There is no such thing as an objective history so when we write a textbook, we should make students aware of the status of current research of leading scholars in the field. It should not shut out a love for motherland, a pride in your past. If you teach that your country is backward, that it has no redeeming features in our civilization, it can damage a young perspective" she adds.

Other shocking statements by these groups can be noted as well. Anu Mandavilli, an Indian doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California states that "some of the groups involved here are not qualified to write textbooks, they do not draw lines between myth and history.". Speaking in regards to the Vedic Foundation in Austin, Texas, she says, "On their website, they claim that Hindu civilization started 111.5 trillion years ago. That makes Hinduism billions of years older than the Big Bang." (The assertion has since been pulled from the site.) "It would be ridiculous if it weren't so dangerous" she adds.

“Hindu Education Foundation, an educational project of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, strives to replace these various misconceptions with a correct representation of India and Hinduism.” is the statement made on http://hssworld.org website.

Furthermore, according to sources S. Kalyanaraman, advisor to HEF and an ideologue of the Hindutva movement in the U.S. hold the view that “It is time to attack the 'secular'. It is a dirty word, a dirty system and should be used as a word of abuse against anyone who does not adhere to Sanatana Dharma…I think secularism should be deemed a negation of Dharma, anti-Dharma, a word of abuse and hence rejected altogether.”

Even upon the investigation of the HEF website (http://www.hindueducation.org/index .html), the website contains a resource link in which a website called http://www.atributetohinduism.com/. The website is described as “information about Hinduism and Hindu contributions.” Searching this website one can find statements such as “India may have had a superior civilization with possible contacts with extraterrestrial visitors, and the flying devices called 'Vimanas' described in ancient Indian texts may underline their possible connections with today's aerospace technology…” In addition statements such as “the mention of airplanes is found many times throughout Vedic literature.”

Furthermore, articles with titles such as “Ancient Writings tell of UFO visit in 4,000 B.C.” and “Did Man reach the moon Thousands of Years ago?” are just some of material to be found upon exploration of the aforementioned websites.

Even though the finalization of the school texts are expected to take place in the next few weeks, readers should take serious note of the suspicious agenda of the above mentioned malicious organizations and ponder upon their real agenda. The recent actions of the Vedic Foundation and HEF should set off alarms to all persons, as the character of these groups parent organizations are known, and the damage that they can do to society in general is known to be treacherous.

"The textbooks before were not very good, but at least they were more or less presentable. Now, it is completely incorrect” says Professor Michael Witzel of Hardvard University.