Friday, May 12, 2006

Chrisitian Missionary targetting Sikhs in Panjab & UK

Author: Panthic News
Date: 04-26-06 14:15

The C.A.L.E.B. Project - Converting Sikhs of Panjab to Christianity

Christian Missionaries are doing their fundamentalist Parchaar in Panjab. Sikhs are ignorant of Gurmat, have little connection with the Shabd Guru, economic crisis for Sikh farmers, growing drug problems, alcoholism, domestic violence and rife female infanticide.... these problems have led Sikhs VULNERABLE to anyone and everyone who offers them (false) HOPE and (supposed) LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, whether it be the fake Sant dressed in white, the Christian missionary with a deceptive smile or Peer/ Babas who offer quick solutions in black-magic, praying to idols and wearing threads etc.

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Notice to UK Singhs:

There is Panjabi Sikh man who is a Christian convert. He is Sikh guise (i.e. he wears a Dastaar and is in Sikhi Saroop), however is a Christian missionary who targets Panjabi Sikhs livin in UK to convert through twisting Gurmat to justify Jesus as Satguru and saying that Guru Nanak was the "Avtar" of the "True Guru" who apparently to this Pakhandi was Jesus.

This man operates in hospitals and other public institutions to spread his poison coated in sugar, and also spreads his RIDICULOUS Parchaar on the Internet. In the 80s him and his other Panjabi convert friends offered Sikh parents FREE baby-sitting services. People didn't realise that these Christian missionaries in Sikh dress were attempting to brainwash Sikh kids with ideas such as "Jesus is the True Guru". Eventually people found out and removed their children from these people's child care.

You can read more about him and his "CHRISTIAN-SIKH" views on the link below:
"Satguru Jesus"?

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