Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More from Sikh Student Camp

Author: gupt singhni
Date: 05-02-06 15:13

sikh student camp's priority or strategy of promoting sikhi seems wrong.

i went to sikh student camp with my friend.

the person who did all stage announcements was a mona. which i was kinda surprised with.

there were talks in the darbar hall which said its okay to do bhangra and sing "dhan guru nanak" if you are showing pyar for guru in this way coz someone mentioned "sindhi community" in pakistan do that. which didn't make sense to me.

a lot of "friendliness". my friend and i felt uncomfortable that our fellow campers were hugging singhs and singhs were hugging back and "honky dory" but there's a line to draw! right? i think london galz were more sensible. it was more of the midlandz lot which were in your face and jumping around.

there were some nice gursikh parjis and penjis at the camp doin seva. i was genuinely inspired by them and looked up to them. but some of the campers and nihangs (like balkar singh parji) were scary and sorry to say "nutters". i was genuinely scared to approach some people... i suppose they were approachable to others. depends on your personality i suppose. also most prob coz i am girl and feel easier talking to a penji.

the camp fire was bit spooky. everyone standing around a fire and "screaming" akaal. i felt as if i was going to have nightmares with people shouting "akaal" in my dreams. i mean people were taking the mick coz they were laughing and shouting and people were holding hands and moving side to side like they do in pop concerts while singing simran. nice idea. but me and few penjis felt uncomfortable so didnt join in with putting your arm around and going side to side and saying "vaheguru".

i did enjoy the kirtan. one of the parjis did nice shabads. and loved hearin what the paath meant. mornin and evenin the hukam was translated for stupid people like me to understand. really made sense. but i didnt like doing yoga in darbar coz i know some girls who's chunni kept falling down.

sorry if i have written to much. jus want to let everyone know that i experienced good things as well as bad things at the camp. jus hopes things get better and more sisters participate as sevadars coz i think they were a few short.

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