Thursday, June 22, 2006

Worries & Concerns About Chigwell Camp

A message left in regards to a letter sent to the Editors of Panthic Weekly in October 2005, complaining about the Chigwell SikhStudent Camp:

Disappointing Sikh Student Camp and more...
2006-04-05 10:54:12
Author : Dayal Singh, London

Is this camp still taking place this year? Is anyone doing anything to stop it?

My cousin (who is a mona) went to this camp and was told by one of these Naang Singhs that it is allowable for Singhs to visit prostitutes as long as they are not muslim.

Please can we do something about this Camp. Also elders must be aware of the parchaar that's happening at this camp.

Re: 'Sikhs' disrespecting Gurbani

Author: Concerned Manmukh
06-08-06 13:34

Gurfatheh All.

Lets make this productive and not this fade away on the internet.

Instead of spreading rumours please can the people who HAVE BEEN please come forward and show your concerns by emailing and phoning the Sikh Student organizers.

Rumours don’t do anyone any good. So can the people who post messages on this and other forums please be ready to walk the walk rather than just talk the talk.

If you are REALLY concerned then do something about it. It’s easy to be a "Internet Warrior" in the comfort of your homes but reality is different not many are prepared to actually do anything.

So for those of us who want to do something here are a few Ideas.
Contact the Camp organisers, info is below

The only way to stop this is if the people who are witnesses to beadbi please step forward if you have pyare for Sikhi.

Its a simple request, no heads are being asked for :)

for those who cant be bothered to click here are the contact details:

Here is a link ->

email: Tel:07742 468895 - 07706 566507
Address:Sikh Student Camp, PO Box 2684, Romford RM6 5YZ.

PS Can you also cc in to our email address so that we can approach them as well with evidence that people have been trying to contact them.

Let’s see if the people on these forums are willing to take steps to actually doing something, or just chat on these forums for their own ego.

Hopefully our next post will be positive and a step forward.


Also parents of children who have been to the camp and ex-campers are asked to convey any complaints they have about the previous camps and worries they have to Mr Toor, the Headmaster of Chigwell School, via email, letters or phonecalls:

Write To:
Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College
Roding Lane

020 8559 9160



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