Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yogi Visit

Interesting post on with regards to the Yogi visit.

Author: JK
Date: 07-19-06 12:28

This Swami is follower of Arya Samaj and often has Dayanands picture in his TV programmes. Why is he being invited to a Gurdwara when his organisation makes anti Sikh statements.

Arya Samaj believe Sikhs are Hindus
Only Hindi should be spoken.
Against the Sikh identity

Because of Arya Samaj Punjabi Hindus put Hindi as their main Language and caused the trouble in the Punjab. It was the Arya Samaj paper in the 70's and 80's that insulted the Sikhs and caused trouble.

'Dayanand, a Baniya Swami from Gujrat launched a movement called ARYA SAMAJ, which shunned Idol Worship but mocked Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind singh.

Dayanand made a grave mistake when he criticized Guru Nanak by calling him "a Fool". Arya Samaj was only successful in Punjab where many Punjabi Hindus converted to Arya Samaj. Thus sowing the seeds of future confrontation.'

Why invite somebody who is anti Sikh to a Gurdwara?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

GNNSJ Invite Yogi Swami Ramdev

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

It has come to our attention that Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha has invited Swami Ramdev to gurdwara sahib. Swami Ramdev is currently on tour in UK who promotes yoga as a way of curing disease. As we know Sikhi gives no importance to yoga and yoga to a Sikh is nothing more then a physical means of exercise.

Swami Ramdev who has a yoga show on Aastha TV channel which is also associated with RSS, Hindu extremists, and further more has been exposed in the media for use of powder made of human skulls and animal parts in the ayurvedic medicines.

We are very disappointed at GNNSJ decision to allow and then publicise Swami Ramdev’s visit to the Gurdwara sahib.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Below is a link to an article on Swami Ramdev

Swami Ramdev comes under scanner

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sikh Summer!

An email we recived to share with everyone.


Sikhi Camp features excellent talks, small group discussions, kirtan darbars with english katha (explanations) of Gurbani, action packed outdoor activities all set out in the beautiful really cannot be missed!! (If nothing else it’s a week away from your parents!) Why don’t you check out the pictures and videos from our last few camps at and see what an amazing experience you could be having!

If that isn’t enough then we welcome you to our 10 th Birthday!!! Yup, this is the 10th Sikhi Camp which, through the years has helped thousands of young Sikhs discover that little something special about themselves and their faith! So yes there will be cake, cake and more cake! So if you like cake how can you stay away?!

For more info and application form:

KHALSA CAMP Sunday 20th August 2006 TO Friday 25th August 2006.

Khalsa Camp is a non-profit event that takes place every summer, allowing Sikhs from around the UK (and the world) to come together in a remote location to learn about various aspects of Sikhi. Khalsa Camp provides accommodation and food for attendees for the 6-day duration of the camp. The content of the camp is a mixture of talks, discussions, seminars, Kirtan, Simran and activities. We always work hard to bring the most enlightening, inspiring and educational experience you can imagine within a 6-day period.
For more info and application form:

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Public Meeting Held about Camp

SikhStudent Camp Issues - Meeting 1 Jul 2006, Gravesend, Kent

In response to the serious issue of the rumours that are going around regarding the SikhStudent Camp held annually in Chigwell, Essex. On the 1 July 06 a meeting was held in Gravesend Gurdwara, Khalsa Avenue attended by concerned members of the Sikh sangat from around the UK and the Camp organisers. Below is a summary by one of the attendees (taken from

On Saturday 1st July, I attended a public meeting held at Gravesend Gurdwara, Khalsa Avenue, organised by our local elders of Gravesend with elders from Slough, Southall, East London and Midlands attending the meeting. This included ex-campers and ex-sewadars of the Camp sharing what they witnessed at the camp, which I am sure if anyone heard would be horrified by. These organisers acknowledged and accepted these statements. The meeting was filmed on video by someone from the Sikh Student Camp and was also recorded on MP3 by the Sangat. Previous to this meeting I had heard various rumours and Internet bashing, however this was the first time both sides sat down and the Sangat were made to know the true reality of the situation.

I don’t want to write an essay about all the things discussed in the meeting however I would like to share that some “very serious” issues were raised. The main issues, which I heard at the meeting, were:

a) Promotion of Sanatan Dharma, a fundamentalist Hindu interpretation of Sikhism, e.g. we were told that by campers that they were told that the kachera comes from Hanuman (monkey god), men dressed as nihung singhs cut themselves and put blood on the khanda of the nishaan sahib for 2 or 3 years running, and campers have been told that the “true guru” is not solely guru granth sahib but “three Granths”, i.e. dasam granth, sarbloh granth and guru granth sahib make up the “Guru”.

b) Lack of observance of Sikh code of conduct in darbar and generally the camp - the camp organisers admitted that a Big Brother style video was shown in the darbar which included campers singing Bhangra songs about women and liquor, also we were made aware that amritdharis which had publicly renounced Sikhism by cutting their hair were asked to do kirtan, clapping was encouraged in the Darbar. The camp organisers admitted that they had no control to control the situation.

c) Campers, but worryingly sevadars in the camp not observing correct behaviour with campers in particular females. It was admitted there were issues with “over friendliness” and a female ex-camper shared that sexually disgusting things were said to her for two years running and to her friends by sevadars running “discussions”.

The conclusion of the meeting was that the Elders said if the Camp organisers, 50 in number, cannot control a group of 10 people who attended the camp and afterwards admitted to the Camp organisers that they wished to sabotage the camp, then how could they control a possible 20, 30 or 40 wrong campers?

A lady who was in charge of last year’s security of the camp nicely summarised that “Security is the most important thing in a Camp. For any good camp you need excellent security. If we don’t have the man-power or capability to control campers then we shouldn’t do a camp.” An Elder said that the Sangat could send 30 or 40 men to help the security and “save the camp” however at the same time that would cause tension and aggression with those who attend the camp with the intention of causing trouble and fighting at the camp is not a solution but would be a further problem.

Deep and serious issue, so let’s not jump the gun. It’s good that we are all concerned and wish to help out. So let’s do that. I was happy that Internet Rumours and “Hear-say” were cleared at the meeting and the Sangat were made aware of the “THE” truth so that they could move forward to actually help the Organisers to address issues of immoral conduct, promotion of Hinduism in Sikh appearance to campers, loose behaviour and how basic Gurdwara etiquette has been observed.

So let’s pray and let’s try to do something positive. May God help us in keeping Sikhism’s purity and sincerity.

Gurdeep Sandhu