Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sikh Summer!

An email we recived to share with everyone.


Sikhi Camp features excellent talks, small group discussions, kirtan darbars with english katha (explanations) of Gurbani, action packed outdoor activities all set out in the beautiful countryside...it really cannot be missed!! (If nothing else it’s a week away from your parents!) Why don’t you check out the pictures and videos from our last few camps at www.sikhicamp.org and see what an amazing experience you could be having!

If that isn’t enough then we welcome you to our 10 th Birthday!!! Yup, this is the 10th Sikhi Camp which, through the years has helped thousands of young Sikhs discover that little something special about themselves and their faith! So yes there will be cake, cake and more cake! So if you like cake how can you stay away?!

For more info and application form: www.sikhicamp.org

KHALSA CAMP Sunday 20th August 2006 TO Friday 25th August 2006.

Khalsa Camp is a non-profit event that takes place every summer, allowing Sikhs from around the UK (and the world) to come together in a remote location to learn about various aspects of Sikhi. Khalsa Camp provides accommodation and food for attendees for the 6-day duration of the camp. The content of the camp is a mixture of talks, discussions, seminars, Kirtan, Simran and activities. We always work hard to bring the most enlightening, inspiring and educational experience you can imagine within a 6-day period.
For more info and application form:

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