Friday, August 11, 2006

Chigwell Camp

On 8/8/06, Sikh Parents Awareness Society <> wrote:
Dear Sikh Student Camp 2006 Team
It is disheartening to read you request of detailed of the incidents that we have highlighted in the leaflet. If you remember a meeting with yourselves was organised by Seva Singh Lallee, Manjit Singh and other Gravesend Gurdwara Committee members in early July 2006. not only did this meeting have representatives of the camp & the victims of the camp, but also had many members of Gravesend Sangat, because it was held in the Gurdwara Diwan hall.
Within this meeting all facts were presented to the Camp Organisers such as Gurmukh Singh, Randip Singh & Jasjot Singh. Furthermore to jog your memory this meeting has been captured on video by yourselves and we have an audio recording.
The culprits responsible for these and other incidents have been identified face to face and it is important to realise that you where dismissing these issues by saying those individuals have been banned for some time and so been dealt with. When the pictures of 2005 camp are reviewed those individuals are in the front during seminars and workshops. These same individuals were promoting the camp at "Keertan in the Park" in Hounslow, one week ago.
We have done nothing more but to given you suggestions and offer our help to stop these things from happen this year. Please remember our resolve to allow 10 or so of us to help out at your camp, this was flatly refused by Camp Organiser Gurmukh Singh of Gravesend.
Please acknowledge that within this meeting you agreed that these issues happened. Refering to the camp organiser who is head of security, she stated that if the Camp Organisers cannot impliment controls then the camp should not happen. When we questioned about how these culprits were dealt with, Camp organisers like Gurmukh Singh refused to elborate, again this doesnt give us any confidence in your intentions.
Within some of the emails I have received people are asking to clarify the camp organisers. If you remember you agreed to submit to us a list of camp organisers so that we could differenciate the organisers from the culprits. As to this day we have not received this list. It looks as if you do not wish to differenciate the organisers from the culprits.
The details have been with the organisers for many weeks now and we are still awaiting any response or action.

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