Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gurbir Singh Taran Taaran - The Scoundrel

It still amazes me how people around the world still support Gurbir Singh Taran Taarani.

Gurbir Singh has been caught a number of times having illicit affairs with women at the same time. All he wants to do is get in the best place that he can and become a "star". The attached screenshot from a recent Facebook post shows that after his AKJ ban in the UK, he is desperate to do keertan anywhere in the world and asks for "Paper" meaning visas.

This screenshot was captured back in July and we thought we would not publish this post and give this individual a chance to sort himself out. But he didn't.

Yes, he does great keertan but that does not mean you can overlook the obvious. Everyone in UK is aware of his nature. Oh and he is the brother of Tejbir Singh, who recently got divorced after he was caught screwing around with other girls. It was obvious that all Tejbir really wanted as well was to get his citizenship in the UK.

Put together these two brothers equal trouble. Sure, we could have done with more proof on this website about the two, but these two prey on innocent girls and we don't want to subject them to any shame. Of course, these two brothers know that and that's why they do what they do. There will be those that don't care what this blog post say, and there will be those that do - and we want those that do to stop supporting Gurbir Singh and take a stand. Get Gurbir Singh off stages.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Surj The Perv Update : Sher Surj?

So you would think that Surj The Perv MIGHT actually admit his mistake and sort out his "problems"... there seems to be no chance of that happening anytime soon. At least Tejbir Singh Bir actually took the advice of the Singh's and do something proactive to sort out his mistakes. Surj The Perv is just trying to cover it up by telling people his account got "duplicated" and that someone has trapped him by using a duplicated profile. See the screenshot of his account below sent in to us by one of his many Facebook "friends / potential targets".

Thank you to the Bhenjee who sent this into us.

You can warn others of this guy by telling them to type in SURJ THE PERV or SURJ DERBY into Google search. We are on top :)

Surj The Perv tries to play victim by saying someone cloned his facebook profile!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

India Still Disrespecting The Dastaar

They say 1984 won't happen again to Sikhs in India and that we should just forget the disrespect, murder and torture of thousands of Sikhs in the past 3 decades. Yet there is proof TODAY of the treatment of Sikhs by Indian officials. Just see the video below.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Tejbir Singh Bir

We received an alert about Tejbir Singh Bir who is from Manchester early in 2010 and, despite ignoring initial complaints about this person, we eventually were sent hard evidence to prove this and we just had to put it up to warn people about him. He is seen grooming young girls on facebook and then MSN and even sent pictures of his chest and genitals to a young girl hoping she would meet him for sex. 

He is an organizer, as he states in his conversations, of the Manchester samagams that happen every year and we found out that he was in charge of accommodation for boys AND girls during the 2010 program. We also discovered he was very flirty towards these girls managing to obtain phone numbers, adding them on facebook and MSN and trying to speak to them unnecessarily. 

The conversations in form of screen shots are below. See for yourself...

Tejbir Singh sends pictures of his chest to girls, grooming them for sexual relationships.

Following photos taken from Tejbirs facebook profile.

Tejbir with Tejbir Bir (Tejbir on the left is known in the UK as an adulterer. He recently got divorced and re-married his second wife within the space of a couple of months.)

Tejbir and Gurbir : Gurbir, a well known Kirtani, is Tejbir's brother (the Tejbir pictured in the previous photo). He has also been recently banned from many world stages due to his multiple affairs with young women.