Thursday, March 31, 2011

India Still Disrespecting The Dastaar

They say 1984 won't happen again to Sikhs in India and that we should just forget the disrespect, murder and torture of thousands of Sikhs in the past 3 decades. Yet there is proof TODAY of the treatment of Sikhs by Indian officials. Just see the video below.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surj The Perv - Surj Singh (Derby)

We won't bother writing up much. The screenshots, conversations say it all.

This is Surjit Singh (Surj Singh), he is from Derb, England, attends a lot of kids camps, does sewa, he's in his mid-twenties and he likes to flirt with underage girls... oh wait, but it's ok, he says he would wait until they are 16 until he actually has sex with them(!) He also thinks its ok to ask a girl 10 years his junior about bra sizes and getting into bed with him.


NB: These convos were from a few months ago. We have published these because he just doesnt stop. We have heard from a number of girls in the West Midlands area who are Gursikhs that he has contacted and tried to groom into his trap.

Roll photos and screenshots!

Keep smiling!

Hands off our sisters Surj The Perv!