Monday, April 04, 2011

Surj The Perv Update : Sher Surj?

So you would think that Surj The Perv MIGHT actually admit his mistake and sort out his "problems"... there seems to be no chance of that happening anytime soon. At least Tejbir Singh Bir actually took the advice of the Singh's and do something proactive to sort out his mistakes. Surj The Perv is just trying to cover it up by telling people his account got "duplicated" and that someone has trapped him by using a duplicated profile. See the screenshot of his account below sent in to us by one of his many Facebook "friends / potential targets".

Thank you to the Bhenjee who sent this into us.

You can warn others of this guy by telling them to type in SURJ THE PERV or SURJ DERBY into Google search. We are on top :)

Surj The Perv tries to play victim by saying someone cloned his facebook profile!

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