Saturday, February 28, 2015

Response to allegations against NKJ

Nirvair Khalsa Jatha, this morning, released a (VERY long) response to the allegations made against Harinder Singh. This is not from the accused himself as it seems he is on his way back to England to answer the allegations. We await his side of the story. This is a long response but do not be put off by it longitivtiy. A lot of it's predictable and the kind of response we expected, saying it is all a campaign against the jatha to defame them etc. What do you make of it? See our responses in red.

There is no doubt that many within the nation do not take the steps to initiate Gurmat Parchar in the fear that when the masses begin to listen, there will always be those who are waiting to bring them down. Those behind such activities may well be Sikhs with a difference in views, Sikhs playing into the hands of external anti-Panthic forces or so-called “Sikhs” concocting allegations merely due to envy. Either way, the disappointing fact is when Sikhs themselves are the ones used as the tools for these campaigns.

Sikhs residing in the UK will have recently heard rumours circulating within the community of shocking, unbelievable and absolutely disgusting allegations being levelled by an 18 year old male adult, against the youth Parcharak Harinder Singh of Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK.
The sickening allegation made by the male adult is that Harinder Singh has committed immoral acts of an indecent nature with him.

Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK categorically denies these unverified allegations entirely and strenuously believes the fairytale story is the result of a pre-planned illegal set-up created by certain members of the community being used as puppets in a wider scheme to hinder Gurmat Parchar to the new generation of Sikh youth.

Harinder Singh is well-known for his easy-to-understand Parchar in English and Punjabi and his down-to-earth and approachable nature when not on stage. Ultimately, with the blessings of the Almighty, this has allowed for numerous Sikh youths to become acquainted with Harinder Singh, engage with him “on-a-level” and progress their Sikhi. Unfortunately, on this occasion, this nature has been taken advantage of in what is believed to be a highly professional and pre-planned set-up by a select group of people.

Upon hearing the allegations being made against him, Harinder Singh who at the time was on a two-month trip in India purchased new tickets on standby to return to the UK in order to openly answer the false accusations being made.

A Panthic meeting was arranged for 6pm Saturday 21 February 2015 at Midlands’ Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Smethwick. Whereas the accusing adult until the very last minute was altering plans of whether to attend or not, the demand he wanted to be in a separate room, the demand he wanted a small selected number of people to attend etc was in contrast to Harinder Singh’s request that every main UK Panthic Jathebandi be invited to listen to and analyse the so-called evidence and hear the testimonies from both parties, but strictly within the presence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Harinder Singh had brought with him his father and family members, but the accusing adult did not bring any family member. His background is unknown and he was brought to the Gurdwara Sahib by a group called “Lionz Den Derby”. No blame has been put on the Derby group of any malicious involvement in order to maintain Panthic unity, as often the song writer is not the same as the singer, but it was widely discussed within the Sangat and between a number of Panthic Jathebandia that there is transparently malicious intent behind the entire defamation plan and the inner circle involved is being investigated right down to the roots.

Panthic Jathebandia, highly respected Panthic personalities and learned members of the Sangat heard the testimonies from both sides, followed by the telephone audio recordings. Before even hearing the recordings, Harinder Singh had answered every single allegation in detail and told the chronological order of events from the first day the accusing adult met with the Jatha, to the last day when he had invited the Singh’s to his living quarters in Birmingham. Questions raised about “mouth-to-mouth”, “touching”, “stick” etc were answered in detail and it became apparent how various discussions between Harinder Singh and the accusing adult on different ‘question and answer’ subjects had been moved around. An attempt has been made to bring in the good name of Parcharak Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale, however the contents and context do not make sense (e.g. Baba Ranjit Singh did what to Harinder? When Harinder is talking about Simran at Darbar Sahib and Simran experience with Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa, they have manipulated this into some other inappropriate activity). The credibility of this fairytale story was weakened by the fact that approximately 10-15 hours of telephone conversations took place over 6 weeks in which Harinder Singh had answered numerous personal questions in accordance to Gurmat raised by the accusing adult, but only around 40 minutes of that audio had been produced, all in small snippets without correct startings or endings to put all conversations out of context. As a minimum, at least 3-4 hours of this is believed to have been after the so-called “incident” date. Furthermore, this misconstrued “evidence” was covered with sound noise to hide overlays from cuttings of different conversations at different points in time.

It must be noted here that at the start of the meeting, the Khalsa Panth’s esteemed Bhai Manjeet Singh from the Darshan Dass Case (who stayed until the very end) stood up in the Sangat and asked both Harinder Singh and the accusing adult if this matter should be dealt with by the Police, or there in the court of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and within the Panth as a community matter. Both Harinder Singh and the accusing adult had agreed the issue should be dealt with there and then, on that day within the Panth, and the Sangat should decide after drilling both individuals to ascertain the facts of the matter. It was the accusing adult and his team who questioned what was the point of them coming there if they did not want the Panth to deal with it in the first place. Later, as the meeting was nearing conclusion and the obvious facts were becoming transparent, the discontent accusing adult decided to walk out of Guru Sahibs Darbar saying “the Panth can do what it wants and I will do what I want”. This was witnessed by respected personalities present. The accused adult was absolutely adamant, his sole aim and want was to stop the Parchar indefinitely.

Over 50 people were present at the community meeting. The following are some of the Panthic Jathebandia and respected personalities who were there and can be approached for further information on what transpired: Amrik Singh Gill (Chair, Sikh Federation UK), Joga Singh Babbar (Co-ordinator, FSO), Jathedar Balbir Singh Babbar, Manjeet Singh (Darshan Dass Case), Sukhraj Singh (Sikh To Inspire), Jagjit Singh (AKJ, Bradford), Hardish Singh (Sikh Federation UK), Balwinder Singh Chaheru (Tividale), Malkit Singh Tehang (President, Smethwick Gurdwara Panthic Committee), Rajinder Singh Purewal (AKJ & Panjab Times), Lashminder Singh Dalewal, Randhir Singh (Sangat Television), Kulwinder Bir Singh (Coventry), Jitta Singh (Southampton), Jaswinder Singh Banka, Guru Har Rai Gurdwara Committee, Gyani Sukha Singh (Sikh Helpline), Jaswinder Singh Ubhi, Bin Singh (BOSS) among many others present. Note that those who questioned both individuals consisted of respected people selected by the accusing adult’s team.

Along with Harinder Singh’s family, there were countless Singh’s there who have known him and stayed with him for 10 years, 5 years, 2 years etc, but the one accusing adult manages to invent allegations, make recordings, edit messages etc all in the space of 6 weeks’ contact.

There are certain agencies who are unhappy with the growing number of Sikh youth in the UK coming into Sikhi as a result of many UK-based youth Parcharaks, and they are using tools within the Panth to hinder Gurmat Parchar using any means necessary. Harinder Singh has recently been vocal about how elements within the music industry are having a negative impact on Sikh youth, spoken against smoking, alcohol and going to clubs. It seems certain elements within the community have been offended. There is factual evidence to suggest some people in particular may have a big part to play in this project, but legal advice is being taken at this moment in time. As one individual put it at the meeting upon hearing the testimonies and evidence from both sides, the nail is separate, the drill is separate and the electricity feed is separate.

Many fake accounts on social media have been created as part of the defamation campaign, but the 2-3 individuals active are not able to point out that not one direct question was put across to Harinder Singh by the accusing adult. There are just a number of recordings that start halfway through and then left open for interpretation of the Sangat.

Although the matter was closed at the meeting and it was decided the Parchar should continue, due to the accusing adult proceeding with what is now believed to have been the original intention (a pre-planned social media propaganda campaign) and the huge response to the allegations by supporters worldwide, for the information of the Sangat, Harinder Singh will disclose the true sequence of events as was disclosed to Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Sangat at the meeting. If Harinder Singh had anything to hide, there was no reason for him to return to the UK from India within 48 hours of the allegations being made. A response directly from Harinder Singh will be made available shortly, but in the meantime, the following are just some questions that raise concerns to the credibility of this same old propaganda campaign that is seen to be created against many Parcharaks every few years, time and time and time again:

1) If the accusing adult was so traumatised after the so-called sexual assault in a family home full of people in Southall, why did he not immediately make a scene and inform the neutral family/locals? Further, if he had run-away from the house on that day, why did he not inform the Police immediately of such serious criminal allegations? Apparently he first contacted a Facebook page made by a group in Derby???
- It's never easy to go straight to the police or the local community and tell them what has been happened to you. It's even harder when you're a guy that has been touched up by a guy. These kind of issues are still very taboo in our community. This point is not really credible.
2) Four weeks after the alleged “incident”, there has been no Police investigation till date, even though empty threats were made by the so-called “victim” that the matter had been forwarded to “Scotland Yard” on 20/02/15. When requested for a crime reference number by members attending the Panthic meeting, nothing was produced, at which point the Jathebandia suggested the meeting be postponed to avoid hindering any possible investigation. However, the accusing adult requested the Panth deal with the issue there and then, but is now claiming again the “Scotland Yard” is handling the matter. If the Police are involved, why has so-called “evidence” been published all over social media that may well interfere with a Police investigation?
- This certainly does raise questions. If you are happy to go and spread it all over social media, why be afraid to share even a crime reference number?

3) If the evidence is crystal, then why does the majority of Sangat not believe the fairytale? In one of the audios, another audio overlapping another can be heard. There is the introduction of a female voice for a couple of seconds during one part in the recording, evidently a mistake during the tampering process. When this discrepancy is noted, excuses will understandably be made by the accusing adult.
- Dear NKJ, majority of YOUR sangat/followers of course are not going to believe the "fairytale". Introduction of a femail voice, I don't hear it but that could be anything. Unless she is giving a rolling countdown like "in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!". I mean if they are THAT professional that they would go doctor an audio recording knowing full well that it will be analyzed by other parties, they would do a better job don't you think?

Here is another recording of that conversation:-

4) Why is there a clear cut of Harinder Singh’s voice when one of the key allegations involving Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale is made? Sound experts have been shown the recordings and feedback is cutting and overlaying has taken place. 
- What "sound experts"? We want a full name of this expert and a signed declaration of their findings please. I have a few "sound experts" living a few doors down from me - slip them a few quid and they'll tell me that anything. The sound cutting, if there is, still doesn't take away from some of the other disturbing sentences which are spoken. 
5) Why are there hardly any questions from the accusing adult and it is as if Harinder Singh is doing Katha in a Diwaan? Surely from the context he is answering a number of wide-ranging questions obviously raised by the other person on the phone, i.e. the accusing adult.
- He wanted to record Harinder Singh in his own words rather than be accused after of putting words into Harinders' mouth? 
6) Why is the majority of the accusing adults responses only "hm, yeh, hm, yeh", are these used as the cover-up's for the overlaying process? The fact the accusing adult was able to speak so fluently during the Panthic meeting but only "hm" and "yeh" during the recordings does not add up. Where are the direct questions from the accusing adult which Harinder Singh is presumably answering?
- Same as point 5 to be honest. 
7) In approximately 15 hours of telephone conversations, why have only around 40 minutes been put forward? Where are the numerous personal questions that were raised by the accusing adult and the subsequent Gurmat explanations by Harinder Singh?
- 15 hours?! What did they have to talk about over 15 hours of phone calls?! But yes, I do feel more audio should have been recorded to get full context of this incident. 
8) Selected What’s App screenshot images were produced on paper which did not match with the actual original dialogue on Harinder Singh’s mobile phone. Not only have messages been edited and then printed on paper, but there is believed to be a ‘PhotoShop’ error on one of the entirely fabricated messages. Sangat can see this on the screenshot that has additional black space at the top notifications bar, more than the others. One lie and the entire chain is broken.
- Don't clutch at straws NKJ. The black space doesn't mean anything and doesn't look suspicious. He uses an android phone - which everyone knows is customisable very easily. I do agree, it is easy to fake such conversations especially with Android. So one would need more evidence. What does alarm me, if real, is when he mentions that Harinder pulled his boxers down, Harinder doesn't respond to say "What are you talking about? I didn't do that". Here is the conversation in a video:-

9) When tests have been done in recording a telephone conversation, where the person on the other side is on loudspeaker, the person who is doing the recording should have a crisp clear voice. However, the person on loudspeaker and the one recording in this scenario are both unclear. Why is it during all these recordings there is consistently a buzzing noise and the whole time the sound is unclear, often with varying audio levels?
- Umm, not really. I think the sound of this 18 year old is quite clear and the levels seem pretty sufficient. Buzzing noise could be interference from anything. He is obviously using a second device to record. I am sure he is not a MI5 spy that he knows the best way to record a conversation.
10) Where is the explanation of different types of “Simran Jugti” as given by spiritual personalities, where the accusing adult is asking Harinder Singh to refer to such explanations as “mouth-to-mouth Jugti”?
- I have heard of the bear hugs and breathing into peoples mouths before, even from other spiritual personalities. But KISSING? Nah, not heard that one before...
11) How can there have been "5 blows in the mouth" at Darbar Sahib and then with Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa? If Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa does this, then who did it at Darbar Sahib? The reality in context is the accusing adult has added in "5 blows", Harinder Singh has never even said this word to him but is in actual fact talking about Simran experience. If one listens to this part clearly, there is a blatant cut in Harinder Singh's voice.
- I don't think Baba Ranjit Singh has anything to do with this to be honest. But there is a LOT of crap that goes on with these jathas "behind closed doors" as even Harinder admits that is not open to people.  
12) Where are the phone calls when the accusing adult is continuously asking “why did you touch me” and Harinder Singh is continuously discussing the Singh’s grappling during the night in Southall?
- Maybe he didn't think to record those calls...? When you are shocked and assaulted by someone you thought you could trust and respect, you are taken back and the head does not think clearly.
13) In the video recording at the accusing adults living quarters, a number of Singh’s were there for two hours. During this time Simran was done and Gurmat discussions took place. During this time the accusing adult was making food and continuously joking by symbolising the food he was cooking. The food was also mentioned in What’s App messages. Why is the camera recording only for a few seconds when Harinder Singh and the lads are joking with the accusing adult just after the accusing adult is saying "ask Harinder Singh what I am cooking to eat", but the 30 minutes before that of the accusing adult (over excited at that time) detailing the food he was cooking not shown?
- Good point, let's see the full video. That video is not that clear anyway.
Here is what we do have:-

14) Why are all the audios, videos and messages only selected parts covering topics that are being force-fed by the accusing adult and then used to smear Harinder Singh?
 - Isn't this the same as points 5 and 6? Don't just make up points for the sake of making points!
15) Where and when has any “Bujjar Kurehit” been committed, where has it been confessed?
- True, no confession of Harinder Singh saying he commit Bujjar Kurehit - but where was this even alleged?
16) Where are the hours of conversations when the accusing adult is getting advice on controlling the five thieves, mainly lust, and his many discussions about seeking advice on anti-Gurmat pre-marriage relations?
- Same as point 12. *sigh* 
17) Why are the accusing adults questions always related to "Kaam"?
- He was trying to keep Harinder on topic so he could record him admitting to what he had done? It's a classic tactic of the accuser and Harinder should have caught on that something wasn't right with that conversation.
18) Why are some What’s App “screenshots” showing Harinder Singh’s name and others just the telephone number?
- What's the point...? *Confused face*
19) If the matter has been reported to "Scotland Yard", why has it been this long and no arrests have yet been made? Arn't such matters normally reported to the local Police station?
- Same as point 1.
20) If this adult male is over 18 years of age, how can there be accusations of grooming and pheodophilia? On which legal basis have such allegations surfaced on social media?
- It's unfair to call Harinder Singh a pedophile. The guy is 18, not 8.
21) This accusing adult claims to have been put off Sikhi due to Harinder Singh after the so-called "incident" (although is still coming to Sikhs during the smear exercise on social media), but why are there What's App messages to prove he had been doubting his beliefs to keep growing his hair before the "incident" date?
- Again, what is the point? He had doubts, he addressed them. Doesn't prove any point here, sorry.
22) Why is it after the so-called "incident" date the accusing adult is sending a text asking "we're cool aren't we" after running away? Is he asking this in guilt after what he had done? Surely if it was Harinder Singh who had done anything wrong, he would have been asking the accusing adult this question, not the other way round. Harinder Singh, naively thinking this person had a Simran experience, was inviting him to return to Sangat and comforting him. The truth of this will be exposed in a video response from Harinder Singh.
- True. But sometimes the predator can make the victim feel like the one in the wrong. I think in this case it was unlikely, but who knows.
23) When has Harinder Singh even once talked about doing a so-called "Kaam test"?
- Not sure where this has come from, not seem anything about a kaam test.
24) Isn't "what happens in the Jatha, stays in the Jatha" a reference to Simran experience? Where has Harinder Singh suggested this to be otherwise?
- LOL ok ok, nice twist to that statement by Harinder Singh, but I think we all know what he meant. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Move on.
25) If Harinder Singh had inner guilt of any wrongdoing, he could have delayed his return or even very easily have stayed in India to avoid facing the UK Sangat. Proof of new tickets purchased and a further ticket purchased to return yet another day earlier was shown at the Panthic meeting.
- Good PR rules even for a guilty politician. Abandon the vacation and return to your constituency. This doesn't prove anything.
26) Why has there been no involvement from the accusing adult’s family if this is such a serious and traumatising time for him? It is evident that Harinder Singh has kept complete transparency with his family and the community, is it not questionable as to why the accusing adult has not brought forward his family? The Sangat have no background information on the accusing adult and any issues he could have, an individual that has only appeared in the limelight in the last couple of weeks. Can his claims be legitimate against those masses who have known Harinder Singh for years?
- Maybe he is scared to tell his family? Maybe he wants to deal with it without them as not to traumatise them? Maybe he doesn't have much family? But yes, we do need to know who this guy is properly and find out his background.
27) FINALLY, the most important question is that why in all these audio recordings did the accusing adult not even once directly put to Harinder Singh the extreme accusation of being sexually assaulted? Not on one occasion is there any such direct question of a specific nature that shows wrongdoing. Not once is there any sign of disgust from the accusing adult. Why is it all “beating around the bush” and putting words into ones mouth type of conversations instigated by the accusing adult? If the accusing adult had evidence, why didn’t he ask Harinder Singh directly instead of recording telephone conversations halfway through, “beating around the bush”, putting words into ones mouth and then leaving all the rest up for interpretation, when he knew he was recording everything but Harinder Singh had no idea? Further to this fact, not on one occasion did Harinder Singh say he had done any such activity with the accusing adult or directly justifying any such activity, again, when at that time he had no idea he was being recorded.
- He didn't ask straight up but he did mention being touched down there to which Harinder did admit to doing, if not to this guy then at least to other jatha members. Why did Harinder Singh not say "WTF you on about mate? I don't touch people down there!". He didn't once deny it.  

The accusations from start to finish are totally absurd, it is nonsense at its best.
Furthermore, during the online smear campaign, a number of new allegations have been concocted. Nirvair Khalsa Jatha would like to clear this as follows:

- Punjabi Singer’s Jazzy B, Babbu Mann, Diljit Dosanjh etc have never been named as being parties to the smear campaign and pre-planned set-up. No one till date has been accused. Indeed, there are certain names appearing in the cast list that are a part of or connected to the music industry, but that is still being investigated. It seems the names of international Punjabi singers have been brought into the picture in order to cover-up any possible involvement by any UK artists. There is also concern that a party involved in attempting to “expose” other Parcharaks in the past is the same party that may be behind this set-up.
- Name and shame... wait, I hope they're not talking about us! lollll
- It is being claimed Harinder Singh admitted to the allegations in the Panthic meeting. This is totally false information. If the allegations have been admitted, then why would Parchar have been allowed to continue? The allegations of indecent behaviour always were and always will be denied. This latest claim is absurd.
- Can we have a recording of this "panthic meeting"? A lot of those so-called "panthic" people you met are all shoddy and dodgy to the core themselves. Doesn't hold much merit!
- There is now talk of allegations that other people will “come forward”, including someone from Birmingham (who has already denied even staying with Nirvair Khalsa Jatha) and a female. In the first instance it was allegations of homosexuality with a male, failing this, new allegations are probably in the pipeline involving female members of the community.
- Yes, that does happen. I don't believe Jimmy Saville molested THAT many girls n boys for so long without being questioned once. But... let's see what is alleged first.
- Many other Parcharaks and organisations are now also being attacked for simply supporting the truth and standing with Nirvair Khalsa Jatha. Is this unknown accusing adult and those he is misguiding, or those who are intentionally or unintentionally supporting the smear campaign the only ones who are right? Is every other major Sikh organisation, Gurdwara and Parcharak all wrong? Rest assured, those who are supporting this truth will never be let down and the trust of the Sangat will never be compromised.
- True dat. But there is always a "let's just go along with and sweep under the carpet" approach so that Sikhi is not maligned when it comes to Sikhs and Gurdwaras and organisations.
- Nirvair Khalsa Jatha are thankful to the countless Sikh organisations, respected personalities, Parcharaks and Gurdwara committees who have been supporting the truth, as well as the hundreds of messages from the Sangat. Gurdwara committees have been very supportive and rejected these absurd fairytale stories. The Panthic Management Committee at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick (plus GNG Youth) went out of their way to stress Nirvair Khalsa Jatha is free to book as many Diwaans as they want in one of the UK’s most Panthic stages.

Sikhs have to understand that almost every single Sikh Parcharak is always attacked with claims of “rape”, “sexual assault”, “paedophilia” etc, and that certain agencies unhappy with Panthic youth waking up will use innocent people as tools for their propaganda campaigns. The plot goes deep and investigations always lead back to a few individuals connected in high places. There is no doubt that those who agree with pubs, clubs, alcohol, pre-marriage relationships etc will not want Gurmat Parchar to grow and infleucne the future youth of the nation. Sikh brothers, even those who are supporting such campaigns perhaps with ignorance but good intent must understand these facts and learn from our history. Sikhs must look at everything with an open-mind, taking everything into perspective in a fair and realistic way. Our Parcharaks must not be demoralised without good reason.
- Yeah and most of the time it's been true. Sorry, but look at the demise of people we have featured before ourselves, keertani like Gurbir Singh Taran Taaran, or those we haven't featured like Bhai Balbir Singh Taksali or Baba Maan Singh? You can claim they are innocent 'til you're blue in the face, but those who know know their guilt. No smoke without fire. Although, I did not personally believe the allegations against Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale a while back. There was no credible evidence and Baba Ranjit Singh shut them up with his response in my opinion.
The accusing adult convinced Harinder Singh of family problems, of hard life and of the lack of love been given to him during his life. Harinder Singh tried his best to give brotherly love, giving him parental love which the accusing adult had claimed he never had (as seen in the messages) and very closely, on his level advised him with Gurmat views in an attempt to bring him closer to Sikhi. Harinder Singh joked with him, brought him into Sangat at the same time in order to help him with issues that will not be disclosed here. At that time, it was unknown this person would use a Gursikhs innocent love against him, using Harinder Singh’s innocent and down-to-earth nature as an advantage. The victim here is clearly someone else and not the accusing adult. This so-called “Panth Dhardhi” accusing adult who doubted his Sikhi (as shown in messages) is the same person demanding for Harinder Singh to stop Gurmat Parchar. In reality, the altering threats from disclosing on social media, to reporting to the Police four weeks later, to a closed-door forced confession was an exercise designed to simply defame a young Parcharak using misconstrued, fabricated and twisted evidence. Harinder Singh has been used and with Guru Maharaj Ji’s Kirpa, the truth will always shine through!

After analysing this... it's still inconclusive. I would give Harinder Singh a chance to come on youtube or write-up himself as to these allegations. This isn't clear cut as people are trying to make out.

One thing we would re-iterate is this - Harinder Singh is not a pedophile. This does not prove that allegation at all and it is unfair to label someone as that. It is a really horrible, disgusting accusation. Maybe he did abuse that young adult... but that does not make him a pedophile.


Anonymous said...

The boy is a victim what do you expect him to do
He was brave to go before people and explain what happened that's courage
Harinder gay boy can write reams of responses he recordings are clear
People will make there own minds up
Groomers always have a back up plan
Only because the kaum is trying to brush this under the carpet cause sikhs don't groom well that theory is theirs out if the window
Time to get justice for the boy
So what if he didnt tell his family victims react differently
And a victim the poor boy is

Anonymous said...

This is nothing but desperation by Harinder to clear his name
Having dealt with sexual cases and grooming matters the way that Harinder is talking to the poor boy is blatant example of grooming
The softly spoken voice
The we must do sangat it feels wierd first but it will be ok comments all hallmarks of a sexual predator which profile Harinder fits

Wake up sangat ji I know we don't want it to be true as sikhs but guruji always said a sikh must protect an oppressed and weak person
Time to protect the poor boy
Harinder is a girdar
Lets help make the boy a sher in this dark hour for him
Think what the poor boys going threw sangat ji

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

UK Sikh Organization Release Statement on Allegation of Exploitation of Vulnerable Sikh Youth............

Anonymous said...

Harinder Singh. Get yourself a lawyer! This will not go away...EVER. He is the Michael Jackson of the Sikh community, he has the followers but he has also committed the crime. His followers will stick by him but justice will prevail. How many other boys has he touched? Has he been touched by Ranjit Singh? Are people going to WAKE UP? These So called Singhs are exploiting the Khalsa Panth

Khalsa said...

Unfortunately as seen before our community will only speak up when it affects themselves otherwise it is just a thamasha for them to watch. Lets face it once again those that look the part in terms of sikhi appearance will be believed and trusted over anyone else. Maybe thats why these parcharaks, kavisharies etc do this stuff because they know they can get away with it. Its a shame out community is dead when it comes to standing up for others

Anonymous said...

I think since last year after harinder singh came back from America the singhs who joined his jatha have brainwashed him or something like that and said it's ok to do these things. I read lionz den derbys post which made me come to this conclusion. Is there a possibility that something like a voice copying equipment thing could have been used to talk about the things like touching. But the video at aston suggests that it was him because harry says hes feeding us willies.

Anonymous said...

Ppl tried using the accusation of rape to defame baba maan Singh ji. They did alot of parchaar about dasam granth and raag mala which is why missionaries and akjs were after him. I also strongly dunt believe that Baba Ranjit singh ji did anything to harinder but harinder may use that to make the victim feel like its normal. So this also suggests that maybe harinder is in the wrong.

Anonymous said...

The boy in the khalsa singh profile behind harinde. Why did he leave the jatha after a couple of months?

Anonymous said...

He spread words about sikhi and is doing a great job in teaching people about sikhi, he is obviously being targeted.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the boy left he might also be a victim

Anonymous said...

Im worried about that boy who they enquired about. I think he might be a victim of harrys sexual abuse. Can someone please bring this to light.

Anonymous said...

Okay so since no one seems to be talking to balraj singh i think i should help you out. Balraj Singh was 13 when he first sat with NKJ. He did so thereafter. I think he was invited by the Singh's to go with them to someone's house. After that he never sat on stage with them but did go to divaans. That to me sounds dodgy, something must have happened ,like someone must have touched him or worse for him to change behaviour. I maybe wrong but he definitely changed after he stopped sitting with them. So i suggest lions den derby to speak to him in person and ask him.