Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gursikh Couple Give Back Their Heads - Kulwant and Parveen

You may have seen many images like the ones above of a Sikh couple posted on various different social media sites like facebook. Shared and liked by thousands in the past, they have gone viral with people commenting "wow" and "perfect Gurus singhni" etc. Well, sorry to burst the bubble but that is far from the truth.

Kulwant Singh (Dudley) and his wife Parveen Kaur (Italy) got married a few years ago and have 3 daughters. Parveen took amrit shortly before marriage and was given the name Gursunder Kaur.

We were sent photos of them then... and now.

Here is the wedding photo

Wedding Photo

They put up photos of themselves like the ones above and below.

These photos were shared on facebook by the couple themselves, through a website and facebook page called SunderArts. They are public domain. Both the couple were confronted a couple of years ago by members of the sangat concerned with alleged anti-Gurmat and fraudulent practices that the couple were engaging in.

Kulwant Singh is known around Europe, particularly for being the son of revered and revolutionary Gursikh Bhai Rajinder Singh, who passed away in 2002. Bhai Sahib founded Chaldha Vaheer Jatha, a group of teachers who would assemble around Europe where Sikh education was non-existent and would hold camps and smagams for the youth. The family home, which used to consist of two side-by-side houses at the end of a cul-de-sac, were split shortly after Kulwant Singh got married which was the result of him falling out with his mother. Eventually, she gave him the house he wanted and disowned him. Following the marriage, she too couldn't put up with the anti-Gurmat practices of Parveen which led to many arguments in the home. 

Today, this is them:-

Kulwant Singh is on the right in picture above wearing a hat - beard trimmed and tied.

Having taken the name of Gursunder Kaur after taking Amrit and receiving a Hukamnama, she now goes by the name of Parveen Kaur herself.

Now, of course, we're gonna get the haters and their supporters commenting "Why do you care? Who are you to shame them? WTF is wrong with you?!" but, ironically, we do care. These individuals went around first tricking people into thinking they were possessed or needed some voodoo shit to sort out their past karam in exchange for money, brainwashed their friends into thinking they were true Gursikhs, even telling people that their dasam dhuaar had opened and they were the spirits of Shaheeds. Now, here they are having exhausted all their options and finished with their trickery, living it up at the expense of their victims and laughing in the face of the Khalsa. Sure, they will get punished by Maharaj at some point but they must be exposed so the sangat are aware of schemers like these who exist today, in even in your community. Kulwant Singh was known and respected by so many, but his downfall came when he decided to get married to a girl who wanted to be a supermodel, not a supersikh. And let it be a lesson to all those Amrit Dhaari Singhs who think they can marry a girl who has no interest in Sikhi to begin with. You can't force her to live a Sikhi jeevan. She may do for a year or few, but it won't last. You either have to be strong in your own Sikhi to overcome her weakness in Sikhi or her manmat strength will overcome you.